chance me..?

<p>borderline you think i can make it?</p>

<p>their requirement is 2.7 and I currently have a 2.8</p>

<p>this is what my gpa's have been like..</p>

<p>1st semester: 4.0
2nd: 1.85
and now im at my last semester with an accumulative gpa of 2.8 (trying to get straight a's and seems possible to do so far- all a's in hw assignments, quizzes, and tests)</p>

<p>they required two essays. On one topic, I explained the reason for my low gpas in my 2nd and third semester and the other was about an impact a person, thing, or event had made on me.</p>

<p>I also attended a university before going to community college and did really terribly there. I think my gpa was 1.5 or something like that..</p>

<p>Major: dance and psychology
School: cu boulder
Transferring from a cc</p>

<p>if anyone can shed a light on this, that would be great..^^"</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>