Chance me?

Caucasian/ Indian
Attends private school in New Jersey
No legacy</p>

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.96 (out of 4.0 - unweighted) for Grades 9-11.
Received the prestigious Faculty Scholar Award (1 of 3 students in grade level) in Grades 9 and 10.
Received the Avery Barras Distinguished Scholar Award for attaining all A’s in Grades 9 and 10.
Received the AATF-NJ Le Grand Concours French Award in 2010 for placing 5th in New Jersey and 6th in the USA.
Received the Junior Writing Challenge Award (1 of 3 students in grade level) in Grade 11.
Awarded a High Research Distinction on Junior Thesis in Grade 11.
Member of the High Honor Roll
National Merit Scholar – Commended (PSAT Score – 219)
SAT Score: 2320 (Math – 770, Reading – 750, Writing – 800).
SAT II: Math 1 – 750, Math II – 800, English Literature - 720
Has taken all available honors and highest level classes.
Junior year: AP Calculus AB: Score 5, AP Language: Score 5 and AP Statistics: Score 4
Senior year: AP Calculus BC, AP Literature, AP French, Physics Honors, Economics Honors (plans to take AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics tests), Dance 3, and plans to take AP Psychology test
Successfully completed the Introduction to Economics (3 credits) and the Introduction to Psychology (3 credits) undergraduate courses at Georgetown University in the summer of 2012.
Successfully completed the Leadership of Global Engagement at Brown University and Introduction to Business, Finance and Economics at Columbia University in the summer of 2011.
Dale Carnegie 3-day seminar in NYC summer of 2012</p>

Varsity Tennis (9-12): Captain of the Varsity Tennis Team. Most Valuable Player Award (12) 2012 Non-Public B State Championship, 2012 Non-Public B North State Championship. Awarded 2nd Doubles, 2nd Team American Division; All SEC, 3rd Team All-Essex County and; All-American, Preps B Overall Champion, 2nd Double Preps Champion. Played both doubles and singles positions.
Love 146 (10-12): Co-Founder and Co-President: Love 146, a community service initiative at school, which has raised over $5,000 to build awareness about child trafficking and exploitation.
School Publications (9-12): The editor-in-chief of The Informer (performing arts publication) staff writer for The Academy News (school newspaper), staff editor for Stylus (literary magazine)
Musical Theatre (9-12): Supporting roles in school musicals (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Once Upon a Mattress and The Drowsy Chaperone.)
Varsity Track and Field (9-10): 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters hurdles and relay events. Awarded 3rd Place in the Non-Public B NJSIAA Sectional Track and Field Championships, set school record for the 4 x 400 meter relay (10)</p>

Presidential Community Service Award (100+ hours) – 2010-2011
Volunteered at St. Vincent’s Nursing Home in Cedar Grove, NJ assisting elderly during meal and recreational times. (9-12)
Teacher’s assistant for mentally disabled children at The Children’s Institute in Verona, NJ. (9-10)
Teacher’s assistant in a summer class for young children (ages 5-7) at the Montclair Art Museum. (9-10)</p>

Piano – Enjoy playing classical, pop and Broadway pieces on the piano.
Literary – Enjoy writing. Made several contributions to TeenInk, a scholastic publication that encompasses high school art and writing works in a monthly magazine. Articles published include “Tranquility” (poem) in TeenVoices and a book review of Schoolgirls by Peggy Ornstein in TeenInk. Enjoys reading classic literature. .
Travel – Enjoy travel both domestic and international. Traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, Central and South America.</p>

<p>you have a great chance but JEEZ! you do not have to post your entire life history on here.</p>

<p>Applying to Wharton I presume? If so I’d say you have a pretty good shot, just as long as that B was not in a math class. The Love 146 thing looks pretty cool, I’d focus on that if I were you. Other than the love 146 thing, the other extracirriculars are kind of meh, but with wharton it only takes one good extracirricular to get you in, so best of luck!</p>

<p>Definitely have chance. Stats won’t be your problem so I suggest you focus most of your energy on the essays! Really show Penn why you want to go there over any other school. Don’t slack on it.</p>

<p>I’m applying to the College - not Wharton. Also, I did get a B+ in AP Calculus AB but I still got a 5 on the exam (basically the class/teacher was way harder than the exam). Do you think this will hurt me?</p>

<p>if youre not applying to Wharton, then i dont think it should be too bad.</p>

<p>you’ll probably get in.</p>

<p>So I do this program at the University of Minnesota where I take Honors Calc classes. I will be done with honors Calc 3 by the end of this year. My question was about grades: My high school transcript shows A’s for all of the classes. However, the University reports a grade letter higher to the high school because of the level of difficulty. I have gotten mostly A’s, but my COLLEGE transcript shows an A- and a B+. Will that kill my chances? Considering that my high school transcript still shows all A’s…</p>

<p>Finnagandhi, I am an UMTYMP graduate applying to college too (I am convinced you are from UMTYMP, sorry if you aren’t.)</p>

<p>These numbers are from 63 UMTYMP respondents from 2008-2010.</p>

MIT: 36%
Stanford: 29%
Harvard: 29%
Yale: 29%
Northwestern: 67%
Princeton: 38%
WisMad: 73%
Brown: 57%
Caltech: 40%</p>

<p>Let’s use the 40% in MIT as an example. Assuming that 80% of UMTYMP graduates apply to MIT (which is fair to estimate since everyone in UMTYMP is a little math-y?) and there is ~50 UMTYMP kids in the graduating class (I’m not even sure if the statistics are restricted to graduates, but if not, the numbers are better), that is 16 kids just from UMTYMP in Minnesota being accepted to MIT. There are 1700 applicants total accepted to MIT, assuming that Minnesota gets an average share (#21 in population), there are 34 (1700/50) people who get accepted from Minnesota. That means nearly half of acceptances in Minnesota come from a pool of 50 UMTYMP kids.</p>

<p>*I know this isn’t 100% accurate, but even errors can’t be significant enough to show that UMTYMP has little significance on your application.</p>

<p>That being said, the average grade in UMTYMP should be around a B, so a B+/A- is expected by colleges. Make sure you also get a LoR from UMTYMP. The nice thing about UMTYMP is the goal is to make it through, not necessarily with a good grade. A document also cited that the average UMTYMP GPA of those who got into Harvard was a 3.2. So the key is to have the UMTYMP name on your application, and then “everything else.”</p>

<p>Sorry that was long winded. I know you weren’t asking for all that information, but at least you found that helpful.</p>

<p>@wallrus75 haha yes UMTYMP! It’s a great program isn’t it?
Okay yeah, I mean honors classes are fairly difficult (I found linear algebra to be the hardest - screw vectors lol). When I went to an info session for Penn, the regional counselor (Tina i think?) highlighted UMTYMP so I’m hopeful there.
The only reason the B+/A- concerned me was because I’m applying to Wharton which heavily stresses math. But I feel like completing UMTYMP is enough to show how strong of a candidate you are.</p>

<p>It definitely is! Best of luck. I’m applying to M&T/SEAS.</p>

<p>(I also hated linear algebra… never again…)</p>

<p>nice! I hope you get in! M&T is tough stuff haha
And yeah, linear algebra was just brutal…personally i love calc 3</p>

<p>You have a really good shot, but there’s always a huge element of random chance.</p>

<p>lol you guys depress me so much LOL. If most of the applicants are like, I’m really screwed T_T</p>