Chance me :)

Schools: Indiana University, TCU, UT Austin, Univ Miami (in Florida), USC, Univ Mich, UNC

Weighted GPA: 3.755
Honors courses

ACT: 30
SS ACT: 31

2 yrs football
2 yrs track
work at a grocery store for 2 years - quarterly associate award
Student council rep 1 year
Volunteer at a family shelter 2-3 hrs/week - going to be vol coordinator senior year for our school
Mission trip to WV
Relay for life team member 3 years
Summer internship for 2 weeks at Cracker Barrel Corp. headquarters - I want to study business in college
Mult. cultural student union - club
won “liftathon” for football in 10th grade (weight lifting competition)
participated in golf camp during the summer - hoping to make the golf team this year
Honor roll all years
5 AP courses

**also, I am a Hispanic from Tennessee who can pay for full tuition (not that that should matter, but we all know it can’t hurt by today’s admissions :wink: )

USC will be a slight Reach based on GPA. ACT is on target. What is your unweighted GPA?

It is a lot lower, closer to 3.5. However, when my schools send transcripts, they only include the weighted gpa. My school also grades on a 93-A scale rather than a 90-A, not sure if that helps at all or not.