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Applying to Psychology(Clinical/Cognitive) or English Writing Concentration Graduate School

UC-Berkeley 2nd Best Psych Program in Nation
UCLA 3rd Best Psych Program in Nation
SDSU (Safety)
University of San Francisco
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Texas Austin
University of San Diego
UC-Colorado Springs (Safety)

Undergraduate G.P.A. 3.62 (4.0 for the past two years)

GRE Scores: V: 164 (94th) Q: 168 (95th)=332(97th or 98th based on extrapolations) Analytical Writing: 6 (99th)
overall GRE score is probably in the 99th percentile if you include the Analytical Writing (based on converting GRE percentiles to SAT scores and then adding each section up on the 800 scale and relying on the SAT Composite Percentile data)
SAT Writing: 800 (99.5%ile) ACT English 36 (99.7%ile)
SAT Composite: 2280 (99.5%ile)
I am banking on the fact that it is extremely rare to get a perfect score on all Writing/English standardized test sections
I have stellar recommendations and I will participate in research this semester but I won’t have as much research experience as some of my peers
My writing samples are excellent
Only flaw is that my Resume is weak with no prior work experience (because I was bankrolled by my parents)

Although I was not initially impressed by my GRE scores I found comfort in the fact that
UC-Berkeley Psychology (2nd best in nation) Average GRE scores admitted students: V:161(87th) Q: 159(74th)
MIT Engineering average GRE scores of admitted students V: 160 (84th) Q: 165 (90th)
Harvard Engineering average GRE scores V: 162(92nd) Q: 164 (88th)
USC Engineering average GRE scores: V:154 (63rd) Q: 165 (90th)
Yale Engineering average GRE scores: V:158(78th) Q:165 (90th)
NYU Education average GRE scores: V: 155 (67th) Q: 154 (56th)

Based on the fact that the second best Psych program in the nation has GRE scores well below mine I assume that other schools not ranked in the top 10 would have average GRE scores in the 150s for both sections

I am well above the average GRE scores at Berkeley for admitted psychology students I am about 75th percentile for Verbal GRE and above the (25th-75th) range for Quantitative by a considerable degree
I have not taken the GRE Psychology Test yet (as required by UCLA) but on the practice test I scored in the 93rd percentile

Will these graduate schools take into consideration the rare feat of perfect scores on all English/Writing sections of the three major college admissions tests or will they only consider the GRE? Will a 168 Q help me for admission to Psych programs or will it be rendered irrelevant because math is not needed as much for psychology programs?

Although I majored in Psychology for Undergrad I am wondering if I should apply to Writing Graduate schools considering the trifecta of perfect scores on all English/Writing assessments. Would that help my chances?

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This is college admissions as in undergraduate admissions. There’s a separate forum for graduate school admissions.

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