Chance Me!

Hi! I’d like to know my chances for:
Georgia Tech
Harvey Mudd
UC Berkeley

I’m out of state for these schools and I’m currently a senior.
GPA: W: 3.96 UW: 4.58
Class rank is 11/470
SAT Scores: M 800 W 800 R 630 C 2230
(I didn’t really send out these scores to most colleges because my ACT is better)

ACT: C 35 R 36 M 36 W 34 S 33
First sitting for both of these

I’ve taken 9 APs and am taking 5 (7 if you count doubled-up classes) currently
9th- AP Bio (3)
10th- AP Calc AB (5), AP Physics B (4), AP World (5), AP Stats (5)
11th- APUSH (5), AP Physics C Mech (4), AP Lang (5), AP Psych (5)
12th- Micro/Macro Econ, AP Lit, AP French, AP Chem, AP Comp/Gov

Also, I took advanced calculus my junior year, and I’m going to take Differential Equations later in the year at a college by my high school this year (along with a full schedule at school and a zero-period class).

EC’s/other stuff:
-I’ve been in choir and jazz choir (zero-period class) all throughout high school, and I’ve gone to All-State for choir twice and have 4 varsity choir letter total b/w the two classes.
-180+ community service hours
-JHU Engineering Innovation over the summer, got an A in the class and 3 JHU college credits
-NASA sponsored aerospace scholars program I did throughout my junior year. Got an A and 5 college credits.
-Work at Kumon for the last 6 months
-National Merit Semifinalist
-AP Scholar with Distinction for sophomore and junior years
-National AP Scholar for junior year
-JV Girls Tennis since freshman year (got a coach’s award 2014)
-Co-leader of group who sings/ plays musical instruments at retirement homes in my area 1-2 times a month
-Astronomy Club
-National Honor Society

I’m interested in studying biomedical engineering or aerospace engineering in college.

Yeahhh I would say that my weakness is that I don’t have a lot of leadership positions or awards in my extracurriculars, but I hope that all of the extra classes I take at school and my devotion to choir/music kind of makes up for it.

with a strong essay you have a good chance at getting into all of them. especially since you’re a woman seeking a job in a stem career.