Chance me

Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Family Income: 100,000+
Home State: MA
Intended major

High School:
Grade Size: 110ish
Has only sent one student to JHU in the past 6 years

GPA: UW: 3.6
W: 4.75 (Highest in school is a 5.0 with all As in all AP classes)
Class Rank: School doesn’t rank

AP: US Gov 5, English Comp 5, Comp Gov 5, APUSH 5, World History 5
Subject Tests: English 790, US History 790, World History 800
ACT: 33, Reading: 36, Writing: 34, Science: 32, Math: 29
Waiting on results from October ACT

Extra Curriculars:
-Eagle Scout
-Captain of Debate Team, ranked in top 100 nationally
-Placed 16th in the nation and won MA states for an international academic decathlon thingy
-Helped start a charity mentoring visually impaired children
-Built a hiking trail specifically designed for the visually impaired
-Volunteer work at local soup kitchen
-Did fundraising work for local hospice, set all time fund raising record
-Elected to serve on principal’s advisory committee
-Did data entry and analysis for a marketing firm for a summer
-Did cross country for four years

-High Honor Rolls
-AP Scholar with distinction
-National Merit Scholar Distinguished Student

Schools: Uchicago (EA), JHU (ED), Tufts, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Colgate, W&M, GW, Northeastern, a slew of safeties

A 3.6 UW at a school that isn’t a pressure cooker like the top 2-3 New England boarding schools may handicap your chances at the reaches on this list. Chicago, JHU, Tufts, and Georgetown will all be mid to high reaches with those grades.

Yeah, I kind of figured that, my school has a habit towards serious grade deflation

Also just for a little more info:

Common app essay: 9.5/10 (ranking given by an English professor at BC)

Recs: 9/10, got called a prodigy in one of them by my English teacher, my Bio teacher’s rec was good not great, and I got a third supplemental rec by the first guy to hike the Appalachian trail blind saying some very nice things about the trail I built

Intended major: International relations or history