I applied to BYU,Frostburg State, Georgia Tech, UIUC, Loyola in MD, UMD baltimore, UMD, UMass Amherst, Penn State Purdue, Renesslaer, RIT, Salisbury, Seattle U, Ohio state, Towson, and Virginia Tech. Also can you reccomend some other good comp engineering colleges for me

My top 5 are (in no particular order) UMD, Penn State, Umass, VTech, and Purdue

Majoring in Computer Engineering
Most of these are Early Action
I am in state
28 act
2.85 uw and 3.46 weight gpa
76 community service hours
Vp of foreign affairs club
African American
Member of Engineering club for 1 year
3 years of outdoor track
1 year of JV soccer