Chance me?

I visited twice and interviewed.
UW GPA: 93.1 (I think that is a 3.8?)
W GPA: around 119 (again, I don’t know the conversion)
Class rank: I am in the second 10% out of about 150 kids, at a highly-achieving public school.

SAT Super scored: reading-680, math-660, writing-760 (Overall: 2100)
I have taken all honors courses and:
AP Junior English (5 on exam)
AP Statistics (4 on exam)
AP US History (4)
and this yr:
AP Physics 2
AP Calc BC
AP Gov
AP Senior English

Debate (captain)
Cross Country
Ski Team
Jazz Band and Band (saxophone)
Church group
Girl scouts

I forgot to mention that I am in the National Honor Society too

ED looks good
RD great chance too