Chance me!

Hi everyone, please chance me for the following schools! I applied early to Harvard so nothing I can do about that application but I’m anxiously waiting to hear back and need something to pass the time.

Applying to: Harvard (SCEA), Brown (PLME), Yale, UPenn, Siena College (for the Albany Medical College Program), Northwestern

ACT: 36C, 36R, 36E, 35M,36S
didn’t take subject tests
GPA: 4.98
Ranking: 38/315 (the IB program at my school is huge)
AP Test Scores: World History (3), Euro History (5), Lit and Comp (5), Human Geo (5), US History (4), Lang and Comp (4)
IB Test Scores: Calc AB (6)
Classes I am currently taking: IB Music SL, IB Spanish HL, IB History of the Americas HL, AP Calc BC, IB Bio HL, IB English HL
Honors: AP Scholar with Honor, AP Scholar with Distinction, Hispanic National Merit, Ventures Scholar, Rotary Club Award for Excellence in Service, Ventures Scholar, 1st prize winner of Sarah Baird Fouse Wind Competition

ECs: Principal Flautist for local county-wide orchestra, flute for 6 years, Founder/President of school’s Arts in Medicine program, through this program I started a PenPal program with a nursing home and organized multiple visits to the nursing home to play music/card games and talk to the patients, Synchronized swimming for 5 years (mostly in middle school but it was a huge part of my life and we won state competitions and placed top 10 nationally), Varsity Swimming, HOSA, National Honor Society, Hispanic National Honor Society, synchronized swimming coach for three years, taught flute here and there for a couple of years, Alachua County Honor band

As part of my application, I uploaded my resume, two flute solos, and pictures from my club and the Hands Across the World Trip

Community Service: mostly my club, sent in a proposal to a nonprofit called Hands Across the World which was accepted so I raised around $1,000 dollars (and art materials for over 100 children) for the trip and went with them to Latacunga, Ecuador (my mom’s hometown) where I translated and provided art therapy to the patients, along with watching super cool surgeries. Guess I should explain that Hands Across the World is a group of doctors and nurses that visits Ecuador annually to provide free surgeries to underserved indigenous populations. In addition to this, I have volunteered at a neuroscience lab for the last few months (over 150 hours so far, i’ve helped with research on memory and aging in the hippocampus and stuff with estrogen receptors), also a co-author of a UF Research Paper on Demonstration of high-performance cryogenic probe arms for deployable IFUs

Hooks: URM, hispanic woman interested in medicine
Wrote my essay on being culturally diverse and how being bicultural has made my life difficult (but it had a comical tone)
Also had a letter of recommendation from a CRNA from the Hands Across the World trip so hopefully that helped.
My dad went to Harvard for grad school as well so let’s hope legacy will help me!

Let me know what you guys think please!

I think you have really great chances of getting into at least one top school, although there’s no real way for any of us to know. You are incredibly accomplished and will end up somewhere really great-- have confidence in that. Try to relax in the mean time while waiting for results; it’s incredibly stressful, but we’ll get through it! Best of luck to you. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You have a really great chance, perhaps better than the typical applicant. I would not worry about decisions. :slight_smile:


@schroscat I’ve literally been thinking the same exact thing for you!!! Maybe we’ll get in regular…it was probably because I haven’t cured cancer or done any national crap dammit

I’m literally just sobbing because now I’m so stressed that I won’t get into any of my other schools…and I’m just…community college?

@schroscat what other schools are you applying to? You’re an awesome candidate

I’m applying to NEU, BU, BC, Columbia, Yale, JHU, Stonehill, and a few other safety schools…

@schroscat you will TOTALLY get into those schools! Don’t even worry about it :slight_smile: I just have this sort of crushed confidence now haha I’m just feeling like I won’t be good enough for other schools

I honestly think I’m just going to go local after this point. I can’t remotely afford any of these schools but Columbia with their aid package.

You can always negotiate financial aid packages, especially if you’re a competitive candidate! Don’t lose hope! Ugh I wish we had gotten in. We would’ve been such awesome roommates

Maybe we can get in through RD. We could still be roommates!


They probably saw two talented flautists that wanted to go into medicine and couldn’t choose between us

bahahhaha probably, they just thought damn we can’t accept them both early we’ll just defer them and then let them both in

If that’s the case I will yell at them!