Chance me?

28 ACT
3.73 GPA uw
3.99 GPA w
Amazing recs
New York
Prez of engineering club
Yearbook editor
Girls who code alumni ambassador
Have been featured in newspapers and magazines many times
3 jobs (soon to be 4)
School doesn’t rank
5 APs
Unique college essay

Applying to:
Northeastern (EA)
UMich (EA)
SUNY Binghamton (EA)
SUNY New Paltz (EA)
Ohio State (EA)
Georgia Tech (EA)
University of Rhode Island (EA)

Thank you :slight_smile:

What major are you looking into?

Other than that I would look into raising your ACT score. Compared to your grades they are what would pull you back, since colleges would get the idea that your grades are inflated or you go to an easy school.

Otherwise you look good and I would say you would get into RIT and Binghamton. RPI typically wants higher standardized test scores.

Have you taken the SAT?

Why have you been featured in newspapers? Proposed major? Your ACTs are your weakness. If you can’t raise them it would be good to add SAT2’s or other indicators of academic achievement. Especially if you can raise the ACTs I would think you could do better than the generic (not flagship) state universities. Michigan and Georgia Tech might be possible if you get those scores up. It’s hard to tell without hearing a bit more about your ECs and your academic history-how far you’ve gone in math and science for instance.