Chance me?

Hey so I was wondering if anyone could chance me for ND? I’m applying regular decision

Ethnicity: Asian and White
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
I go to an all girls school in California. Major choice was political science. I’ve contacted and met my admissions rep and others multiple times if that helps at all!

1980 SAT- Critical Reading (670), Math (620), Writing (690)
SAT Subject Tests: Literature- 750, US History- 720
Current GPA: 4.67 weighed
Cumulative GPA: 4.24 weighed
AP US History: 5
AP Physics 1: 2 (didn’t send score)
AP English: 5
AP Euro: (taking this year)
AP Literature: (taking this year)
AP Psychology: (taking this year)
AP Government and Politics: (taking this year)

ec: (not in any particular order)
I attended Summer Scholars at Notre Dame the past summer in the Literature track
YMCA Youth and Government delegate
Interned with a California Assemblyman
Big involvement on campus ministry at my school
Confirmation leader at my parish
Vice president of Retreat Team/Club
JV Captain of Soccer team
AYSO Soccer all four years, received character counts award
Kairos/Senior Retreat Leader (Rector)
Varsity swim team (4 years)
Los Angeles County Junior Lifeguard
Service at parish with youth groups
Service at a non profit food bank/tutoring
Member of NHS
Honor Code Club, Self in Society Club at school

Thank you so much!

Honestly, I think It’s going to be very hard to predict your decision. On the one hand, you’ve shown interest in ND, and attending the Summer Scholars supposedly increases one’s chances by quite a bit (from what I understand). On the other hand, your SAT score is quite low compared to Notre Dame’s average. They use a 1600 scale, with a mid-50% of 1400-1530 from last years class. Your 2-part is 1290, which will hurt your chances a tad. If I were you, I would work really hard on the essays to show you are truly committed to ND. Hopefully your EC’s, interest in ND, and GPA can carry the weight, but unfortunately your SAT score isn’t making things easy for you. There is always people who get in with low SAT scores though, so don’t get discouraged! Best of luck.

I think it’s really gonna come down to the essays and recs at this point. You have a ton of activities, but what matters is only those that you were significantly involved in. Try to make those shine in your essays and really prove why ND is your top choice. The SAT score does not help much, but you have good grades and a challenging schedule. I would say the SAT could really bring you down but remember you can’t control that anymore so make those essays shine!

My feeling is that you have a strong application and stand a high chance of being admitted to Notre Dame. You mention that you’ve taken the Literature Track offered through the Summer Scholars program. Did you ask Dr. Werge or Mr. Kelly for a recommendation? I’m sure they’d offer you one. (They’re both good friends of mine, which is how I know they teach this class during the summer.) Also, as the other posters have said, focus on writing really creative essays to “package” your application as nicely as you can. I’m sure things will work out in the end.


@IvyHopeful98 @hssenior001 thank you for the advice!

@Horario that’s awesome you know them! They’e both amazing professors! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to ask either of them, I realized I should’ve too late :confused: I have other good recs so hopefully those will work out! Thanks