Chance me?

I applied to Spelman College on January 26, 2017. my counselor, my teacher, and my supervisor sent in a letter of recommendation for me. I was wondering if I would ever have a good chance of getting in. I was a straight A and B student until I had gotten a F in my first semester in senior year for French III. All of my classes are at standard level. I have 7 extracurriculars and 2 volunteer experiences (One of which I am currently doing as of today). My SAT score is a 980 and my ACT score is a 21. Due to me failing French III in my first semester, my GPA dropped from a 3.7 to a 3.64

Hi, Just wondering if you have heard back from Spelman yet?

@froaxo Hi. Spelman doesn’t notify anyone until April 1st

I got accepted on March 3rd and I applied RD. Do you guys think this was by mistake?

No, i heard a lot of other people got in that day too.

@BmanStudent @Blakealysa I still never heard back from them yet


Congrats!!!, I got waitlisted today kinda sucks since I april is already so late but its good to even be considered