Chance me???

Hi guys!!! I’m a Marquette Hopeful! I was wondering if you could chance me for admission next year? Thank you!
Sex: F
GPA UW: 3.83 W: 4.83
ACT: 33
EC’s: pretty good, President of a few clubs
I intern at a place too
Common app: nothing special, probably a 7-8/10
Teacher Rec: decent

I can’t say for sure but I believe you have a very good chance, depending on your test scores. My D was admitted to the school of A&S (with scholarship money) with a 3.5 WGPA and 1280 SAT. We are in CA which might make a difference.

I am a current Marquette student and your grades are much better than mine were in high school! You are most definitely going to be accepted :slight_smile:

thank you guys for the responses!! if everyone is looking at this and has similar stats, i wanted to let you know i was accepted!

What major?