Chance Me?

White/Native female: Regular Decision
No parent or sibling with a 4 year degree
3.62 GPA
1250 SAT 670 English, 580 Math (1300 PSAT)
27 ACT
English 30
Mathematics 27
Reading 27
Science 23
Writing 08
Leadership role and award-winning in drama club since grade 9, 9 shows in high school

  • performed a student-written version of CandyLand for a local preschool
    Member and first chair of orchestra since grade 9
    since 9th grade, about 75 hours of community service with a homeless shelter
    41/190 class rank
    Lang/Comp 3
    US History 3
    European History 2

I’m really nervous, Whitman is my first choice and I’m trying not to get my hopes too high, considering I’m a little ways below their middle 50%'s stats.

Have you already applied or are you hoping to apply in the next round of admissions?