Chance me!

Hey y’all, my first time on these forums. Anyways, the schools I’m aiming for are:
NYU Tandem
UIUC Engineering Program
UT Austin Engineering Program
Texas A&M Engineering Program
Purdue Engineering Program
Baylor2 Medical Track
University of British Columbia Engineering Program

As you can see, lots of engineering here as engineering, finance, or medical are the only 3 majors my parents will pay for. I hate finance/math and am pretty meh with medical things. I would much rather do something related to international studies or history but I like engineering so it’s fine by me. How likely am I to get into these schools? Thanks!

GPA: 3.98 Unweighted on an A+ = 4.33 scale, 4.40 weighted on an AP A+ = 5.33 scale

SAT/ACT: 1510 SAT (800 math, 710 reading), 32 ACT (35 math, 35 science, 29 English, 28 reading)

SAT Subject Tests: 790 Math level 2, 800 US History, 770 Physics

APs (and scores):
I have taken: AP US (5) , AP Physics C: Mechanics (5) , AP Calc AB (5), AP Lang (4), AP Chem (4)
Planning to take: AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Comp Sci A: Java, AP Latin, AP Gov & Politics, AP Marcoecon


  • Varsity Tennis Team (started all 3 years, soon to be 4 - we are a very good team, state runner ups 2 years ago and state champs last year)
  • Debate Team - 3 years about to be 4
  • Model UN - 3 about to be 4
  • FBLA - 3 about to be 4
  • Latin Club - 3 about to be 4
  • History Club - 1 year about to be 2
  • Outdoors Club - 1 about to be 2
  • Math Club - 3 years, might cut this club next year
  • iCreate Lab Team (I’ll explain this in a bit) - 2 years about to be 3
  • Young Politicians Club - 1 about to be 2
  • Computer Club - 1 about to be 2
  • NHS - 1 about to be 2


  • FBLA Social Media Officer 2 years
  • History Club co-founder and vice president 2 years
  • iCreate Lab team leader 3 years (This is basically a technology resource room where students can come in to use a lot of the tech we have, like VR, 3D printers, Arduinos, a heat press, to do projects and whatnot)
  • School Board Student Rep (I was elected to be the student representative to the school board committee for a 2 year term starting last year)
  • Student Ambassador Program (I was selected to be a “student ambassador” basically I help out new student transfers throughout the year and help organize freshman/new student orientation)
  • 99% chance to be the tennis team captain next year
  • 99% chance to be the Latin Club president or vice pres next year
  • 99% chance to be a Model UN Captain next year
  • 50% chance to be a Debate Captain next year


  • National Latin Exam Gold Medal all 3 years
  • FBLA National Finalist in Website Design 2017
  • President’s Volunteer Service Award Bronze 2017, 2018 & Silver 2019
  • Brown University Model UN Outstanding Delegate (2nd place) 2017
  • UMass Model UN Best Delegate/Gavel Winner (1st place) 2018
  • Debate State Finals 6th Place Individual Speaker 2017
  • And many smaller, less significant awards: 5 State FBLA 1st place awards, 1 2nd place, 2 3rd place, various local debate tournament awards

Community Service:
Over 175 hours at various locations including:

  • Community Food Bank
  • Church School
  • Senior Living Center
  • Academic Learning Center at my school
  • Public Library

Other things to note:

  • My school is ranked around #300 in the US and is consistently ranked the best public school in the state
  • This is slightly arrogant but I’m loved by all my teachers and have special relationships with several of them and can easily get great recommendation letters. Same with my guidance counselor
  • I’m a great talker/listener and easy to get along with and should be able to breeze through any college interviews
  • I’m NOT a great writer so essays could be a problem
  • Demographics: I am an Asian American Male, so affirmative action will work against me

So anyways, thank you for reading this and please answer honestly! I’d like to know my true prospects and also if you have any advice on how to improve them, please let me know! Thanks and have a great day!

Are your parents detail-oriented about requiring that you get an ABET-accredited engineering degree? Or would they be satisfied with an interdisciplinary program with an explicit engineering component, like this one? (Note the example of a student who combined engineering with IR)

I’m sorry that you can’t pursue your own path. You will be a competitive applicant but look into programs that meet your needs as well as your parents.

I think you’re a match to all the schools except for NYU

Purdue Engineering accepts kids from my area with 3.5 U/W regularly(bay area btw). UT Austin, NYU, and UIUC engineering are the only schools that MAYBE would deny or waitlist you. Rest of the schools seem like targets and safeties. You’re good.