Chance me

Hi. NJ jewish make at top public state school
Looking for chances at Penn, Nwestern, UCLA, UVA and Columbia

4.33 weighted
3.89 unweighted
34 ACT
Sat 1450
AP Genetics, Government, psychology, European history, scholar, spanish business
Honors for statistics and others
Ec- co captain of ULTIMATe club state champs

  • class president for two years so far
  • interned for Tom Malinowski
    Nearing presidential award for 250 hours helping disabled children
    Selective accapella group
    East Asian culture club
    School news paper lead sports writer
    My mom grandma and and great grand parents went to UPENN
    I also attended the u penn sports business Wharton camp after being accpeted

These are all reach schools, UVA slightly less than the others, but you have competitive stats.

Are you applying to Penn early? That’s where your legacy boost would have the most impact.

Yes penn early. How much of a reach?

What could be a realistic option?

Most of your schools have a 6% acceptance rate. Students with perfect stats are wait listed , rejected and deferred .

Regardless of penn legacy and acceptance into the summer program?

I think you have a good chance of admission to Penn ED.