Chance me

GPA: 3.9 (wghted) 3.6 (unwghted)

Class Rank: 13

Courses: AP English and composition, AP English and Literature, AP psychology, Honors US History I, Honors US History II,
Honors World History, Honors Anatomy, Honors English (2 years)

Awards: Science Department Award, Vocational Student of the year award, Design & Visual Communication Award (2 years)

Extracurricular: ( I didn’t do much due to religion)
Donated to Metrowest Humane Society
Blood Drive
Clothes Donations
Volunteer work at Library
I also work (not sure if that counts but I heard it does?)

SAT: 1160

I want to get into Holy Cross, do I have a chance?



Holy Cross is test optional, so don’t submit your SAT score