Chance me?

I’m a junior in high school, and I want to go into pre-med as a biology major in college. I want to see how likely I am of getting into Rhodes College, but I’m open to hearing about other schools that I can get into that are also good for pre-med!

GPA: 3.9 weighted
PSAT: 1410 (been receiving Lots of tutoring, actual SAT will probably be somewhat higher)


Choir for the last 3 years at my high school, most of my life before that (sophomore and this year I’ve been in audition-only choir, this year a much higher level)

  • Went to visit University of the Pacific sophomore year to learn more music from the choral instructor for the music majors there
  • Going to Iceland this year for cultural exchange through music

Biology Club (haven’t shown up for all the meetings but I don’t know if colleges can check that :// ) this year

Valley to Valley Club - consistently showing up, raises money and supplies for another school/community in Canaan, Haiti (some people are going in person to meet with kids/community, I can’t because it would be the same time as Iceland trip & costs money)

Done club volleyball for many years, stopped this year to focus on academics (got four A’s and 2 B’s both of which were in AP courses, so pretty successful)

Did cross country for the school team sophomore year and junior year (junior year it was also a tryout-only sport and I made it), planning to continue senior year

Red Cross Club freshman year (club disbanded after)

I’ve taken lots of honors and AP courses through high school, and mainly struggled sophomore year (my math teacher got arrested for inappropriate behavior w/minors, and we had a Lot of short term subs that made it really hard to learn, ended up getting a C but it was an honors class). I’m in Spanish 4 AP this year, and plan to take 5 AP next year. Please feel free to let me know about any other colleges that are good for pre med!

I think your stats look good. Rhodes is an amazing place and their science facilities are really nice. They also have great internship opportunities in Memphis

Rhodes have a strong choir and have money to offer to singers. Worth a look :wink: