Chance Me!

I’m a high school rising senior from Wisconsin wondering about my chances of getting into UW-Madison. I would like to study some field of business in college, probably accounting, but I understand that the business school is very competitive. I’d be fine going through the pre-business program and applying to the business school later on if I can’t get direct admitted to the business school, as it seems unlikely for me to get directly admitted. What do you guys think my chances are as an in-state student to get admitted for the pre-business program and directly to the business school?

My stats:

•Weighted GPA of 3.86

•Don’t exactly know Unweighted GPA, I’m guessing around 3.7

•Class Rank 74 out of 440 (83rd percentile)

•ACT score of 27

•Haven’t taken many AP’s, one sophomore year, one junior year, and will take 2 senior year

•Varsity Tennis every year of HS

•2nd Place at sectionals for tennis and named to 2nd Team All Conference


•Volunteer work at a youth tennis camp, and at a small business that employs people with special needs

•Started DECA sophomore year, continuing on through senior year

•DECA Chapter VP of Event Management for 2018-19 school year

•Will be DECA Chapter VP of Community Service for the 2019-20 school year

•Went to DECA State twice (last year & this year)

•Working a retail job, started June 2018, will continue through Senior year

Thanks for any help!

If my math is correct your UW GPA is about a ~3.6. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to have a WGPA of 3.86 with out a little bit of a lower UW GPA, but I could be totally wrong. There are plenty of online sites that you can enter your info into and they will give you a UW GPA in less than 5 min!! Your GPA is on the lower end of what madison is looking for as well as your ACT but there are so many different aspects that they look at when deciding admissions. Work on having really killer essays and LOR’s and youll be fine! Good luck.