Chance Me?

Preamble: Hello. I’m currently a Junior in high school and, like many others like me on this site, am very concerned about college applications and where I go. My main subjects of interest lie in the humanities. I am most passionate about writing stories and second most passionate about language learning and world citizenship. In undergrad, I hope to pursue a double major in Creative Writing and International Affairs and my top 5 universities have come to be, in order: Columbia, Tufts, Northwestern, Georgetown, and UChicago.
In terms of formatting GPA/Test scores, I will place a “()” next to scores that have not come out yet and are instead educated guesses based on my current performance in each given category. I will also list other tests that I will be taking but I will not label a score.
As for EC’s, I will divide them into 3 sections. The first is my “English” section that will contain all the EC’s that I’m doing/have done in regards to that subject. The second will be “World Citizenship” and the third will be “Misc”. Just like the projected test scores, I will also be putting a “(
)” next to EC’s that I hope to do but have not started on.
I hope with this information, you can better see where I am at right now and maybe give me some advice on what I am already doing. The motive behind this is primarily due to insecurity and fear of college apps. In short, I feel like I’m not doing enough. Let’s begin!

Class Rank: 1/272 (as of the end of sophomore year)

GPA: (10 AP’s/ 1 College Course(*) )
–Unweighted (as of sophomore year): 3.9
–Weighted (as of sophomore year): 4.42

Test Scores:
–ACT: 35()
–AP European History: 4
–AP Human Geography: 4
–AP Spanish: 5(
–AP Language and Composition/AP Biology/AP US History/AP Economics/AP Government/AP Calculus/AP Literature: -
–SAT Spanish/SAT English Literature/SAT US History: -

EC Part 1: English

-First draft of a book manuscript completed
–Get the book with a literary agent () [I’ve heard Harvard rates are more forgiving than this]
–Published 10+ pieces on TeenInk [I hope to hit 100+(</em>)]
–Published in San Marin Literary Journal
–Published in Local Literary Journals/Magazines (*)
–Have been submitting to Contests/Magazines [the only merit to this is activity I guess]

–Contributor to School’s Newspaper
–Columns in Local Paper

-Quizbowl (3 years)
–Literature/Philosophy/Fine Arts Main
–Co-Founder of the Club
–Qualify for Nationals (*)

-Attendance at the Columbia Master Class in Fiction
–Recommendations from my instructors

–Founded a Writing Club at my school (3 years)
–Recommendation from a Pulitzer Prize-winning author
–Poetry Out Loud County Finalist

EC Part 2: World Citizenship

-Boy Scouts (7 years)
–Eagle Scout
–Eagle Palm
–Scout of the Year Nominee

-World Language
–Spanish Language
—Spanish Fluency
—Studied Abroad in Barcelona for 1 Month [Got a recommendation from the school]
—Tutoring Spanish Speaking Kids at local Youth Center
—Participated in Amigos de las Americas for 1 Month () [traveling abroad to Costa Rica this summer.]
—School’s ELA Award (
—Spanish Translator for School Documents

–Russian Language (I am teaching myself this language. There are no courses that I could find and have been left to my own devices. As for now I’m upper A2 to lower B1)
—Russian Fluency Test (*) [will take to show my progress before apps go out]
—Writing Articles on Russian Affairs in School Newspaper

–Planning and heading a school world fair

EC Part 3: Misc

-Student Body (2 years)
-Varsity Tennis (4 years)
–Tennis Team Captain
–Tennis-related Award (*)

Thank you if you read everything. I’d like to know if I’m on the right track and should just keep going, if I’m doing enough, or if I’m not doing either. Also if you have any suggestions about things that may benefit me please tell me them. One area that I haven’t had too much luck in is creative writing publications. One reason I believe that my work is inadequate is due to its very fantastical and fictitious nature, so if you guys know of any sci-fi/fantasy publications, please lead me to them. Thank you again. Ciao

After having read over a few other chance threads, I should definitely start to look less at those uber crazy schools I’ve listed as my big 5.

Before you get too ahead of yourself, you’ll need to decide whether you can afford to go to those schools. Being a great writer is wonderful, but you also need to think practically about what you want to do. Most people don’t make a career out of creative writing, unless they want to teach. Do some research and pick a school that is flexible and affordable. Spend some time exploring other interests also. Most college students change their major at least twice before deciding on what to study.