Chance Me

Applying to School of Engineering (In-State)

  • ACT - 35 (Super score 36)
  • GPA - 3.9/4.0 (UW)
  • 5 APs - Math, Chemistry, English, History, Spanish
  • Asian (Indian)
  • private school (Grand Rapids area)
  • Science Olympiad, 4 year soccer, Several math competitions (mostly state level)
  • Attended few UofM summer camps for engineering
  • Top 10 out of 150 students in high school

ACT looks good, GPA is slightly above average, ECs are on the weaker side but your chances are good!

Make sure Michigan knows you want to be there. Otherwise it looks good. As stated in other threads Michigan doesn’t super score but will look at all your subscores… But your 35 will be good enough as long as your math and science scores are good for engineering.

Thank you. My ACT 1st try was 35/36 for science and Math

You are good. Just make sure they know you really want to be at Michigan. Your stats are right on par for engineering which is 3.93 gpa with a 34 ACT. You are instate.

I assume you visited since your local.

Good Luck.

thank you, yes visited and took summer engineering camps @ UM

Hoping for the best