Chance me!

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and I have few questions about my chances of getting into Colgate University. I don’t want to sound like a typical member who asks ‘Will I get in?’ : I just want your opinion. I am international student.
I have an SAT score of 1300 (Math: 740 English: 560), SAT Subject Tests: Math Level 2 (790) and Physics (660) and a TOEFL score of 85 (Reading: 21; Listening: 20; Speaking: 24; Writing: 20). Since I am an international student, in my country we have grading system on scale from 1 to 5. My GPA is 5/5 all three years of high school and my midyear GPA is 5/5 as well.
I have all Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 Suite certificates, as well as Adobe Certified Associate Illustrator and Photoshop certificates.
I have done a three-month internship in an IT Company as a web developer and I have also finished a full-stack web development course lasting 6 months. I have also volunteered for the American Embassy organizations in my country.
I have also many other extracurricular activities.

*I am applying for the Computer Science major.
Thanks to everyone’s contribution in advance.

Your application is great, except for your SAT. A 1300 places you in the bottom 25% of all Colgate acceptances, and as an international student it’ll probably make it an automatic rejection. Your TOEFL is also not that great, it’s in the mid-50 percentile range. You Physics score isn’t that good either, it’s in the 40th percentile. You’re also applying for CS, which is super competitive. Overall Colgate is a major reach for you, even if you weren’t an international applicant.

I agree about your test scores being low. Do you need financial aid or is your family able to pay the full tuition?

Agree with helpingmom40. Colgate is not need-blind, so if you apply for financial aid, you’re almost certainly going to get turned away.

Actually, I do. Thanks for your responses. I will probably take a gap year if I’m not admitted so I can improve my scores.

Do you have any safety schools? Don’t automatically take a gap year just because you can’t get into one school. You can always transfer from a safety to Colgate.

Can you suggest me good schools that are need-blind, accept CSS Profile, are affordable for me (10k max per year ) and fit in with my current stats, please?

Okay I just looked at your other thread. Ngl your college list is mostly reaches. What was your thought process when putting it together? Did you look up the testing requirements for them because most schools on that list would have you in the bottom 25% of SAT test takers.

I don’t think any of the schools listed are a good match. Financially, you are in for a hard time since none of the schools you listed will come close to costing $10,000. Are you applying to any schools in your home country? There are very few colleges that offer need blind admissions for international students. In order to get a visa, you also have to show that you have money on hand to cover travel costs and living expenses that aren’t covered by financial aid.

Harvard and Stanford are my dream schools. I just wanted to apply and see if I get any lucky hahaaha. I would appreciate even their rejection letter.

The deadlines for the universities in my country are in late August so I have time by then.

^^^There are also almost no colleges that cost under $10,000. You’d need room and board, which normally costs around $10,000, not to mention tution which can range from $5,000 to $50,000.

i think colby is capped at $15k for income below $150k and $0 for income below $65k. and it also starts with ‘col…’

Thanks :frowning:

Thank you :smiley:

Colby is need aware, not need blind. Also, most competitive international applicants have a score of 100 or better on the TOEFL.

being need aware is not totally a bad thing. i don’t know for sure, but i’m willing to bet that most international students do not need aid. so if colby, or any other need aware school, is looking to diversify their international students, then why not accept the student outside the us who has need?

@gruebleen Not sure if your assumption is correct (it might be for certain schools like the ivies). There are a lot of international applicants that need aid, but most schools won’t provide it. There are schools that specifically warn international students that they will not receive need-based aid. Luckily Colby does, but I’d assume they reserve most of the money for domestic.

Hey there, I was recently accepted into the class of 2020 as an ED applicant. I am an in-state student. Basic stats were 33 ACT, 3.8 gpa.

I think Colgate has been increasing it’s efforts to be more need-blind, the recent no-loan initiative that they launched influenced my decision to apply there greatly. What really sold me were the academic opportunities and the school spirit. The large and beautiful campus amazed me when I visited too. Colgate being so close to home was an added benefit.

I ended up getting a lot of aid which covered the entire cost of tuition and a big chunk of room and board expenses. I would advise you to apply and to shoot your shot, the school meets 100% of students’ demonstrated needs. Apply to a lot of LAC as they are generally less stingy with aid. Retake the SAT if you still have the time.

@alexstraza Colgate is private. Your state residency doesn’t matter.

although i only spent my freshman year at gate, while helping my daughter look for colleges to which to apply, i remembered some special things during my time there. one thing that comes to mind is the priority the school places on teaching the students. all the teachers and professors were so kind and they all had that gift of teaching.

one time my art history teacher called me while i was oversleeping during my spring final. she gently reminded me of the final that i was missing. i hurriedly ran to the classroom and took the final. i can’t think of any other teacher/professor who was that genuinely concerned about my well being. luckily, she is still at colgate.

Colgate registers a 7.9% acceptance rate for international applicants. Though anyone applying to Colgate should research its student profile in order to match themselves properly to Colgate’s academic expectations, this applies even more stringently to applicants from outside the U.S.