Chance me?

1370 SAT (720 Math & 650 English No superscore)
15 APs (I can list if you want, main ones are all maths except APCS Principles)
White Male in Georgia
4.125 Weighted GPA
3.6 Unweighted (I hit a rough patch in junior year where my family couldn’t afford internet so I got a C and D in my online classes both of which were AP)
Awards for Calculus, Algebra, and Geometry which were given to 1 student a year. Spanish awards for 2 years that were given to select members of the class.
Tutored peers and middle schoolers in my area.
Vice President of math honors society my junior year but then decided to step down after my junior year.
Math Team, Earth Club, Softball Manager, and watched my infant sister at nights.
GHP Mathematics Semifinalist
Kinda got a decline on my GPA but then got straight As again in my first semester of Senior year.
First generation student
Low income household
I am looking to major in mathematics, physics, actuarial sciences, or engineering with a premed pathway.
I have been rejected by Boston College so far.
I have applied to GT, UGA, BC, and UVA but still waiting back on decision.
I have not applied to MSOE.

Also wondering if there are any schools with deadlines not met yet that I could apply to. I have been accepted to a safety school as well just in case.

From most to least likely:
MSOE - Match
UGA - Match
BU- Reach
GT - Reach
UVA - Reach

For GT and UVA your uw gpa puts below ~95% of enrolled first years in the latest published CDS. Your course rigor and the fact that you are in-state will give you a slight boost for GT, but your chances are still pretty low. UVA is even lower chance since you are OOS. Your GPA and test scores fit a little better for BU and they also consider course rigor most important, but it is still very much a reach since their acceptance rate is even less than BC.

@racereer Thank you so much! That is about what I was expecting to see, but glad to see a confirmation. I read online that having a D in your junior year is an issue that needs to be explained to UGA, and that has me nervous about that school in particular.