Chance me?

Hi! If anyone could chance me I would appreciate it!! I am a junior so this would be for EA class of 2025. Any possibility of honors if I did get in (I know my SAT is lower but…)
In state female
UGA Gpa: 4.42
SAT:1410 (retaking in March)
APs: 6 so far, Bio, World, Us History, Calc AB, Lang, Environmental. Will be taking Stats, Lit, Gov, and Macroecon senior year
Also taken Honors bio,Honors chem, Honors Lit 9th and 10th, and Honors Accel Alg1,Alg2, Geometry, and Precalc as my rigorous coursework
Ecs: DECA officer since sophomore year (likely president next year), DECA Competitor all four years, went to DECA internationals sophomore and junior year getting 2nd in state junior year, Beta club, National technical Honors society, NEHS, and NHS (likely an NHS officer next year). Volunteer at my county’s juvenile court monthly in the peer court program. Very involved in my church as a middle school group leader since sophomore year. Been working since freshman year as well. Prom fashion show committee chair

I forgot AP human as well. & a 32 ACT

Might want to confirm that UGa GPA. It’s my understanding that your number would necessarily be a multiple of 0.05 (so, 4.40 or 4.45 would be possible). Obviously, if you have all As and about half of them are AP classes, then you are a shoe-in to be admitted to UGa early action with continuation of that trend. Auto to honors might be a bit more difficult with the current ACT/SAT scores. Get that SAT to probably 1470+ and you’ll be in good shape.

I have a son that is going to UGa Honors this fall. He was told on campus that, roughly speaking, the auto honors offers go to the top 10% of students in UGA GPA, rigor, and test scores. You have the first two nailed, just work on that test score. Most people can improve their score with multiple testings, and specific studying using free or paid prep materials can also produce the results you will want.

In any event, I would be shocked if you are not admitted early; it’s only a question of honors.

I’m honestly not exactly sure if that’s the UGA Gpa but my counselor said we calculate Gpa the same way as UGA and that’s what’s on my transcript, she might be misinformed I wouldn’t be surprised. And that’s what I was thinking with the honors thing. Gonna work on my SAT! Thanks!

Here’s a quick and dirty on UGa GPA:

  1. It only applies to core classes. Think Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Foreign Language. If you take PE or band or Navy ROTC or something like that – not included in the calculation. There are some exceptions, like AP Music Theory. The UGa website has a page that lays out which classes it counts for UGa GPA.

  2. The only extra credit is for AP classes. If a class is an AP, UGa adds ones point to the grade. Thus, an A (4) is worth a 5, but a B (3) is worth a 4. This is different than how HOPE/Zell qualification is calculated, which only gives 0.5 point for an AP class. Neither UGa GPA nor HOPE/Zell qualification give any credit for honors classes. You also don’t get an extra point if you take college courses through dual enrollment/Move On When Ready. I am unclear on how IB is treated, so don’t quote me, but I believe it is similar to AP.

  3. There are some rare instances where the UGa GPA does not grant you an extra point for AP classes. This is the case when your school district makes the choice to upgrade your grade with honors and AP boosts before putting the letter grade on your transcript.

A clarifying example on #3: My kids are in Cherokee County. If one of my kids gets an 89 in AP Biology for a semester, then the transcript says B (3), for UGa GPA it counts as a 4, for HOPE/Zell it counts as a 3.5, for class rank it counts as a 99 (89 + 10 points).

In some other places – I believe I’ve ready that Fulton County is the big outlier here – that 89 would show up as a 99 on the transcript, count as an A (4), but UGa GPA would still only be an A (4), while HOPE/Zell would count as a 4 as well.

The Fulton approach helps its kids qualify more easily for HOPE/Zell. However, it is at odds with UGa’s philosophy, and so a kid that gets a 100 in AP Biology would still only get an A (4) for UGa GPA despite having a 110 in the class. UGa declines to allow a double count advantage.

Someone else can correct me if I am wrong and Fulton has changed its methodology.

If your school district puts the actual grade earned on your transcript, before boosts for honors and APs, then take that GPA for the core classes and add a point for each AP semester you took. That will give you your UGa GPA. If your school district includes boosts in the transcript letter/point grade, then take that exact GPA in the cores to get your UGa GPA.

Definitely apply EA to UGa, and if you get that SAT score up, apply for all of the special schollies at UGa as well. Best of luck!

Revisiting this thread and wondering if OP got her test score up since March and subsequent SAT’s were cancelled due to Covid. Good luck with your EA, my D21 just applied but we went TO.

The OP had a 1410 and UGA’s middle 50% is 1240-1400, so the OP is probably ok if they can’t test again.

UGAs middle 50 for the class of 2024 was higher - 1310 to 1460