Chance Me

I attend a specialized high school in NYC. Caucasian and not first gen. GPA is 99 (unweighted) but only had the chance to take SAT early summer before junior year (1480). Plan to take again but idk if it will really run. I’m a pro-professional ballet dancer which is 35 hours a week so no other real ECs. Want to study dance, history and politics. Princeton is my dream school because of their arts program but I’m nervous about my not impressive SAT and whether or not I should even submit it. Thanks.

You should not, in my opinion, be inhibited in applying to Princeton based upon your SAT score, which represents a particularly strong result for the stage at which you took it.

Based on your interests, also consider Kenyon, Connecticut College, Amherst, Smith, Hamilton and Middlebury. Locally, consider Barnard and Sarah Lawrence.

Princeton is test optional this year. The 1480 is a bit low. You could submit your application test optional. Your ECs look pretty unique. As long as you have good essays, it sounds like you have a decent chance.

How is your class rank? 99 sounds pretty high.

I think that I would ask admissions at Princeton whether to submit the SAT. 1480 is very good for someone who is only half way through high school. Normally a 1480 would be only “okay” for Princeton but with COVID they will understand why you haven’t taken it again. They are both smart and human and are likely to take into account that you took it when relatively young.

There’s two hurdles to overcome with prestige. First you have to beat the odds and get in. Then you have to beat the odds and pay the tuition. It’s fine to apply. Just don’t go in with any expectations, and for goodness sake, it’s NOT worth stressing over. :slight_smile: