Chance me

Hi, I’m currently a high school sophomore who’s turning junior after the summer break. I’m a Vietnamese student who’s studying at an international school and I’m quite worried about whether I will be accepted to a good university or not. So I created this thread in order to see if i’m matched with my the university i’m planning to apply (In US and Canada)

University of wisconsin
University of maryland college park
University of michigan
University of toronto
University of waterloo

3.75uw GPA, 3.82 weighted ( my school doesn’t offer honor class and most of thẻngades that pulls my gpa down are electives course)

SAT: 1460 (first sitting)

AP: world history( got a 4), AP calculus AB (signed up for junior year), AP comp sci principles (signed up for junior year),

Extra curricular (by the end of junior year):
Model united nation (3 years)
Cross country team (2 years)
Basketball team (3 years)
Robotic club (1 year)
Attend leadership conference
Research paper about computer science (currently doing a 9 weeks virtual program with a professor from a prestigious university where it will get published and I’m also going to get a personal letter of recommendation from my professor)

Sorry for the long post and also sorry if I post it on the wrong category. (First time using college confidential). Aside from that, are there are any university that has a good computer science undergraduate program and matches well with my stats? (In US or Canada)

Appreciate it.

1460 is very good for a high school sophomore.

“are there are any university that has a good computer science undergraduate program”

To me the schools in your post do not look like safeties for CS. They are probably closer to reaches, even if reasonable reaches. I would be inclined to add a couple of schools where admissions is more likely.

I am wondering if you should also consider Simon Fraser University in Canada. If you are bilingual in French and English then Ottawa is another good school to consider (you can study there with only English, but they give a tuition break for bilingual students).

You might want to take a look at this list.

Thanks for your feedback, would you say that I could get into one of these Uni if I applied early action ? Also what would you say is the weakest point of my application so far.

“what would you say is the weakest point of my application”

The weakest point is probably just that computer science is a very competitive major. The schools that you have listed are known as being very strong for CS, which draws a large number of very strong applicants. Also, your GPA is very good, but there will be other applicants with a stronger GPA.

How your GPA compares to other students in your high school will also matter. Admissions at universities in North America will know more about your school system that you might expect, and also more than I know.