I am a grade 11 high school student from india.

SAT- 1550+
SAT SUBJECT TEST= didn’t take any but will take it next year for sure and APs too.
9TH GRADE = 77%( health issues)
10TH GRADE = 87.6%
11th GRADE= 85%+
12th GRADE= 85 TO 90.

ECs = ATHLETICS, DEBATE, MUNs, QUIZ(maths and science). Declamation. Leadersdhip qualities.

Founder of lMAC( non profitable organization which helps underprivileged children, collaborated with many NGOs)


National two national games, District gold medalist many times, Captain of the school basketball team, ASSISTANT HEAD BOY IN 9th grade and then the president of the student council in 10th grade, City debate championship 3rd rank, always in the top 5 list of my class in ISO and IMO, maths quiz gold, science quiz silver ( school level), Declamation silver medalist.

DREAM SCHOOL= stanford, ivies and berkley.
SAFETY= I dont know any…

How much can you pay?

My profile isn’t good???

As an international student, who obviously needs financial aid, you have to consider costs to attend a US university.

Your profile has nothing to do with the cost to attend.

How did you come up with that list? Is it posted somewhere?Those schools are reaches and expensive for everyone. For international students, who need financial aid, your chances are less than 1%.

UC Berkeley is a public university, funded by State taxpayers of California, and does not provide ANY financial aid to non-residents. If you get in, your family would be expected to pay $65k per year.

A safety is a school that you can afford, that would accept you and that you would be happy to attend. Right now, that would be a university near your home.

You can google schools that offer “need-based aid”. The universities provide some funding according to their formulas and not necessarily what you may need. Competition for funding is fierce. You have to be the best student in your country to qualify for limited dollars in funding.

Your marks are difficult to interpret. How do you rank against others in your high school? If you are at the top, thats good. But to get into Ivies and Stanford, you’ll need to be among the top students in all of India.

If you’re not, then don’t worry. Just make sure you apply to other colleges that are less selective. There are many that would take student like you. But a warning, financial aid package of $50K USD per year is not going to be easy to find.

thank you for your reply. Can you please tell me, where should i work on my profile to get into these uni’s.

can you please tell me, where am i lagging in my profile?

You are an international student from an over-represented country, that needs a lot of aid. There isn’t any magic way to fix that. Your grades are your grades. Those can’t be changed either, though we don’t have the context to know how you stack up against other at your school. If you are one of the top students and your recommendations will be glowing about how you are the best in the class, then you have a chance. Think of it as buying a lottery ticket. The chance is low, but someone has to win. Maybe it will be you. Just make sure you have safeties that you know you can afford.

appreciate it. Thank you!!!


thank you!!!

How do your grades compare with other students in your high school?

The problem is that a grade of 85% might put you near the top in some high schools, and about average at other high schools. Universities that you apply to will understand the grading system in your country and in your high school. People here on CC mostly will not understand the grading system used in India and will not know your high school at all.

Universities in Canada will not care about your grades in 9th grade. However, as far as I know there are almost NO full ride scholarships at universities in Canada. With a budget of $10,000 per year they will not be affordable.

There are a small handful of universities in the US which offer full ride need based scholarships to a small handful of international students. They are ALL very highly competitive for admissions. None of them will be likely for admissions. However, whether any of them will be possible will depend upon how your grades compare with other applicants from your country. The small handful of universities in the US that offer a full ride for international students will all get quite a few very, very strong applications from India.

I changed my school after 10th grade; that school follows the CBSE curriculum in which we have to give BOARDS EXAMINATION in 10th and 12th grade. And in 10th grade i managed to score 87.6% which was among the top 10 and the total number of students in my class was 76.
Does TOP universities completely rely on on GRADES for admission?
Does high SAT score will not help me to stand out ?
Marks more than the extracurriculars?

thank you for your precious message, means a lot!!!

The top colleges admit people who are “top” all round. They will be the top few % of the class, they will have very high standardized test scores, and they will have great ECs. You need to understand that your scores are really good - but you are talking about colleges here that literally accept the top few % of students in the world. There are many colleges that are very good, if not quite as elite as the top 10 (or top whatever is important to a particular person) that would be more than happy to admit someone with your profile. The bigger problem for most internationals is funding.

Thank you so much for your reply… appreciate it.

This is what we need to know. What your class rank (for all 4 years of high school)? Are you in the top 1-2%? Even if your HS doesn’t rank, it is easy to figure this out based on your grades and past applicants.

well sir, ri8 now i m in 11th grade, i gave my class boards in 2020 only.

so i have the chance to increase my grades na???