Chance Me

Hi! I’m applying ED for Cornell and am wondering about my chances in the College of Engineering.

My grades:
GPA: 3.5
ACT: I’m taking it on Saturday, but my practice tests have me around 31-33
AP: Physics, Computer Science Principles
I’ve been told my essay is really good.

Female, LGBT, Hispanic.
Catholic High School
NY resident.


  1. Captain of my award-winning robotics team
  2. Search and Rescue qualified
  3. C/2LT in Civil Air Patrol
  4. Communications Officer for the Mission Air School branch of the National Emergency Services Academy. (Youngest Member in the history of the program)
  5. Captain of a Cyber Patriot Team
  6. Guest Lecturer for a York College Ethics class, as well as a presenter for the school’s STEM program aimed towards inner-city kids and minorities.
  7. Contributor to my school’s literary magazine
  8. 3-time winner of my school’s Halloween contest. (soon to be 4)
  9. Dnd Dungeon Master.


  1. My English Teacher who adores me and loves my writing
  2. Computer Science Teacher/Robotics team coach.
  3. A close family friend on the Board of Trustees. (Who volunteered to write it when she heard I was applying)