Chance me?


Demographics: White, Upper middle class (one parent currently working), Female, Australia (residence, therefore applying as an international student), hard of hearing, LGBTQ+

Major: Undecided but criminology or engineering?

SAT/ACT: Not applicable

GPA: Not too sure as my school doesn’t use GPA – does anyone know how Tech calculates GPA?

Rank: N/A - School doesn’t use class rankings but extremely competitive cohort

Classes: English, Maths, Philosophy, Legal Studies, Sociology (all Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)) – Decent grades

Essays: I wrote an essay about my experience with being hard of hearing and how that has shaped me into who I am today (I know it’s sketchy but I’m looking for someone to read my essay and provide me with some feedback? If so, please DM me!)

LOR: My teachers think highly of me and how I think and my work admires my dedication and hard work (trusted employee) - I could get a LOR from them :slight_smile:


  • Philosophy Distinction 2019: a near perfect score for that course (99.55) in which I was awarded for publicly
  • Voluntary work with my school's uniform shop as well as with school events (ushering): worked with the growing second hand uniform shop (predominantly helping with putting clothes away once a week after school) and ushered/guided parents and guests to their seats at a school performance
  • Was involved with the Social Justice Committee: had meetings ever so often and raised money for many organisations
  • Job along with studies: since 2018, part-time worker, 10 hours a week and trusted employee (trust me with handling money and leading responsibilities)