Chance Me?

Chance me pls on uw madison

-3.65 uw gpa
-28 act
-no volunteer hours

  • from wi
  • varsity tennis 4 yrs, MVP + Captain
  • worked 11th + 12th grade 15 hrs a week
  • spanish club
  • 7 aps two 4s and one 3 so far
  • applying as business major earl action
  • two alumni parents
  • got Bs in two college classes at uww over summer as dual enrollment program

pls lmk if you think i have a chance as i have a lower gpa and not great extra curriculars but will have a well written essay

should i just apply regular decision so i have time to retake act?

In general, it’s best to apply early action. I am not sure for Wisconsin but that’s typically your better odds.

No reason not to retake the ACT but it’s ok.

I think it depends on your major but Wisconsin favors in state.

I think you’d get in but maybe not business. It’s a high match/reach for you.

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Does your HS use Naviance? If so work with your GC to understand the details and help you understand your chance for admission.

It’s smart to apply EA to the business school. If you don’t get direct admit, the transfer requirements seem fairly attainable: BBA Admissions Policies | Wisconsin School of Business at UW Madison

Good luck. Make sure to apply to at least one affordable safety school as well.