chance me!

<p>have an 89.58 avg unweighted
RANK 69/270
91.11 weighted
I got an 1880 on my first sats (still waiting for second scores)
540 reading 760 math 580 writing</p>

<p>extra curricular :
fbla club, spanish club, international culture club, volunteer at sports clinic
youth coordinator for religious organization for 4 years
volunteer hospital</p>

<p>played for basketball league,
worked as an advertiser, and a tutor at Kumon, worked in a driving school</p>

<p>Ive been in honors math and science throughout highschool
junior year > ap bio
senior year : AP stats, AP PSYCH, AP CHEM</p>

<p>good chances</p>

<p>I hate these chance threads. Not enough information here. Where in the country are you? What do you want to major in? Can you get tutoring to bring up your CR score? It is going to hurt you.....</p>

<p>from NY im getting my second SAT bak next wek i think ill get like a 580 in reading and a 630 in writing</p>