Chance Me :]

<p>I love Columbia-This school and Yale are my top choices. I would love going to such an awesome, diverse, and politically active campus :]</p>

<p>I'm a high school junior.</p>

<p>Location :CT
High School: public, </p>

<p>Stats: SAT: just took it March 1st, but my PSAT scores were : CR 80, M 70 W 70 (I expect them to improve, as I took a Priceton review course b4 the SAT)</p>

<p>GPA : 4.16 weighted, 3.78 unweighted (our school wieghts courses slightly differently, but I've basically gotten an A or an A- in every class, excepting freshman year honors bio)</p>

<p>top 10%, we don't rank, but I think I'm #6 in the class of 220</p>

<p>Courses taken: Freshman Year: The usual litany of honors courses that freshmen take, haha.</p>

<p>Sophmore Year: AP Music Theory (3) and AP Euro Hist (4), and other usual courses (honors, and music courses)</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Sports Medicine
AP Calc (AB)
AP Lang/Comp
AP Chem
Wind Ensemble
Spanish V</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Multiracial, half east Indian, half Singaporean. Though these both fall under "Asian", they are obviously two very different races.</p>

<p>EC's: Marching, Concert, and Pep Bands (I play the flute) </p>

<p>Flute Section Leader for all three bands, and I'm to be drum major next year.</p>

<p>Pit Orchestra: flute and piccolo soloist</p>

<p>Tri-M Music Honors Society Treasurer, president next year</p>

<p>I had an article published in India Abroad, which is an international newspaper with an audience of Indian Americans.</p>

<p>Varsity tennis: 2 years</p>

<p>Girl Scouts: projected to get Gold Award</p>

<p>Model UN: VP next year</p>

<p>Indian Classical Dance, I've danced for about 7 years.</p>


<p>School musicals-Grease and West Side Story</p>

<p>Comm Service: Work with nonprofit organization Creative Connections to bring performing artistes under the age of 18 to American students (to broaden American kids' perspectives). Involved in the Indian project 07, and the Russian project 06.</p>

<p>Worked on Daniel Pearl "Around the World" Concerts with Western Connecticut State University prof Judith Tucker</p>

<p>Founded the "Cultural Preservation Project" (which is still under way, but will be done by my senior year) in which we created a documentary raising awareness of American folklife cultures that are endangered by modernization. WE plan to bring this documentary to Sen Chris Dodd-market it heavily to gain natn'l awareness, basically.</p>

<p>VSEIW- Volunteer Service for the Education of Indian Women, a foundation that helps educate rural Indian women. Performed at fund raisers for 5 years.</p>

<p>Summer Programs: WSCU Flute Camp
Virginia Dance Camp @ Yogaville
Research at Yale this summer about liver fibrosis!</p>

<p>You're definitely on the right track. Do as well as you did on the SATs as the PSATs(even better?) and you'll have a good shot. What I'd suggest is really dedicating yourself to one passion(in your case, it seems to be band), to make it shine out in your application. Get in as many good bands as you can, get all the awards you can; show dedication to playing an instrument. And, keep up the community service. Do this, and you have a great chance of being admitted. Note however that admissions are a crapshot in so many ways, even for stellar applicants, so don't expect to get in.</p>