chance me!!

<p>As the weeks fly by and the time for decisions nears, I was wondering what my chances are...</p>

<p>Chance me?</p>

<p>White male attending a rigorous college prep school in AZ. Am not in need of fin aid.</p>

~ACT: 28
~GPA: 3.4, school doesn't weigh.
~Classes: 2 APs by graduation. School only offers 7. Very rigorous and intense school in which it is rare for a graduating student to have taken more than 3 APs. No honors courses. I have otherwise taken a very balanced and rigorous work load.
~Additional Info: I had a fantastic interview with Oberlin, with my interviewer saying that I have a good shot and she enjoyed our conversation.</p>

~Heavily involved in the visual arts for all 4 years of HS, and have been a member of the National Art Honor Society for 3 years. Became Vice President of NAHS this year.
~Helped organize Spring Art Show every year, and co-planned a school poetry/art night.
~Have been studying Japanese independently for 2 years, and studied abroad in Japan this past summer.
~Writer for the school paper, and am on the literary magazine staff.
~Am participating in my school's masterwork program in which seniors design a unique project for themselves that integrates academic and extracurricular passion. I will be making a graphic novel.</p>

<p>Recs: All should be good. They were written by my english, spanish, and art teachers.</p>

<p>Essays: Good, I guess? I worked hard on them...</p>

<p>Interview: Yes. Was one of the better ones I've had</p>

<p>Additional Info/Comments: I am from AZ. I noted in my application that I've excelled in english, spanish, history, art, but have been less successful in science and math courses. I'm heavily into languages and different cultures. I am devoted to the visual arts, and noted this in my Why Oberlin essay and remarked on Oberlin's unique art rental program, its art museum, etc.</p>

<p>So do I stand a shot?</p>

<p>You, do, indeed stand a shot. A pretty good shot. Don't worry too much, you're almost there, just a couple of weeks more to go. Good luck!</p>

<p>I agree with TheOneCurlyFry! You got a great shot!
Arggh the waiting is killing me too but having the decision letter in my hand will drive me even more crazy for days. Enjoy this peaceful March limbo before the decisions come out :)</p>

<p>If you do not need aid and can pay the full ride, I think your chances are excellent.</p>

<p>Hornet, your message might suggest that no-need applicants have a significantly better chance of admission than candidates who need financial aid. This is NOT the case. Oberlin is entirely need-blind in admissions, except in the case of people admitted from the waitlist during the summer once the financial aid budget has been exhausted.</p>

Check out the articles with links to research posted under the featured discussion in cc: "Do Colleges Actually Prefer to Admit Wealthy Students?" The articles are not sensational journalism but do a good job poking around in an area even the most helpful colleges are relectant to talk about. </p>

<p>From what I have read about Oberlin, they do a really fine job of helping people. However, as several of the articles I read (see the CC discussion) point out, economics and keeping the college viable limit what any LAC can do. What I am seeing at D's school is that the non-FAFSA kids are already being accepted to good LACs (not necessarily Oberlin) with 4-10K "enticement" scholarships and the needier kids with same kind of academic/extracurricular stats haven't heard anything. One of the articles linked on this site points to the fact that a healthy body of full pays are needed to help support the have-nots.</p>

<p>The original poster has good stats and is in the ballpark for Oberlin and seem like your standard candidate. However, his stats, although solid, are not major eye-openers and he is competing against pretty amazing students for admission to this great school. The fact that he needs no aid (and states so on his post) might give the "tip" to get in.</p>

<p>Yeah, my GC was straight with me and told me that being able to pay college tuition in full is a nice privelege to have. I'm certainly grateful, but part of me hopes Oberlin (and any school I'm applying to, for that matter) won't let my financial ease get in the way of an admissions decision...</p>

<p>But economics as stressed are they are now, I can indeed seeing it be a tip factor...</p>

<p>Hornet may well be correct about how the process works elsewhere. But as someone familiar with the process at Oberlin, I repeat that financial-aid status is not a factor in the regular spring round of admissions at Oberlin.</p>

I saw another post from you about the mail out dates for admissions decisions to Oberlin. You obviously are involved with Oberlin in a very intimate way. I certainly will defer to you on anything with Oberlin and in no way wanted to imply Oberlin was not fantastic in helping applicants with financial need. I am just another parent that reads a lot of literature/research about good colleges and issues associated with them. Oberlin sounds like a wonderful school and, from what I have read, is among the best schools for helping kids with financial needs.</p>