Chance Me!

<p>uc gpa: 3.87
SAT I: 800 math
740 writing (11 essay)
600 reading
SAT II: 780 Math II C
750 Korean Language
360 hours of community service at St. Jude Medical Center
3 years of tennis (1 JV and 2 Varsity)
JV tennis captain junior year
1 year of cross country
2 awards: 1. Korean American Outstanding student award: In recognition of outstanding academic achievement, superior leadership and exceptional service,and contributions to the Korean-American Community in the US.
2. Certificate of Excellence: Outstanding Performance In Community Service at St. Jude Medical Center 2006-2007</p>


<p>Senior coursework: AP Calculus AB, AP American Government, AP European History, IB Business/Management, English 4, 3D design</p>

<p>past AP courses: AP World History, AP US History, AP higher level Spanish 4 Language</p>

<p>Also 3 years in Math Club and 4 years in the Korean Culture Club. Thanks</p>

<p>what are you planning on majoring in</p>

<p>I put berkeley as undecided</p>

<p>Hmm. Hard b/c your GPA is "low."
I'd say you won't need to cross your fingers too hard, but still send some prayers/good karma, whatever.</p>