Chance me?

<p>It seems to me as though everyone that has heard back recently has recieved a deferral. By recently, I mean in the past few days. Eek!</p>

<p>Same here! I can't help but be more then a little nervous!</p>

<p>Accepted today :D </p>

<p>Thank you all, best wishes to everyone!</p>

<p>Congratulations! Keep asking questions as you head to June 29. There are lots of people here who will help you answer all those questions that pop up as R-Day approaches,</p>



<p>Was your appointment conditional or full? I seem to remember you had a DODMERB issue that needed clearing.</p>

<p>And when you say "Accepted today" does that mean you have already accepted the appointment?</p>

<p>If so, congrats to you! 2012 is eagerly awaiting your arrival! :D</p>

<p>Sounds like a plan, thank you :)</p>

<p>It was indeed conditional. I'm scheduled to be off of the Accutane by the end of the month and will send in the necessary paperwork to be cleared.</p>

<p>Hey pjodon! Guess what?!!</p>

<p>I got accepted too!!!!!!</p>

<p>Congratulations to PJODON and TRACKANDFIELD08 on your appointments for the class of 2013. Assuming that you both accept, you are in for a great ride this summer!</p>