Chance me?

<p>I new to this thread and just now discovered the “Chance Me”… game, I guess.
Barnard is becoming a favorite the more I read about it, but I think my chances are next-to-nothing to get in. However, I am an international student (though US citizen) so it may be different? I would love your POV while I anxiously wait… I’ve been accepted to NYU and UC Davis already, but I have warm tingly feelings for Barnard for some reason…</p>

<p>GPA: I understand it’s something like… 3.75? In Israel it’s between 1-100 and there are factors to take into account. So, from GPA calculators, I estimate about 3.7-3.78.</p>

<p>SAT: Reading - 680
Writing - 690
Math - 650</p>

<p>TOEFL: 117 (out of 120)</p>

Hebrew - 800
Spanish - 800
Math I - 600
Lit - 680</p>

<p>EC: Not really offered at my high school. I was in the Yearbook staff and participated in a film project with Arab kids my age to promote tolerance and peace and the like.</p>

<p>Volunteer Work: I volunteered for a year full-time with the blind and visually impaired. Once the year was over, I was promoted to a higher position with actual pay. I have a stellar recommendation letter.</p>

<p>The lack of EC and volunteer work are mostly because I had to work. I’ve been working with my father since Freshman year after school, and have been working part-time in addition to working at the foundation for the blind. I’m hoping that’ll be a positive factor…</p>

<p>Again, I’m very doubtful at my chances - but like I said, I’m hoping they take into account that I’m from a different country with a different mentality… hopefully they find Israel “exciting” enough, too. Not that I’m trying to be cynical, obviously, but still… you play the hand you’re dealt, right?</p>

<p>I’d love your opinions…</p>

<p>i know that Barnard is trying to increase the presence of international students on campus and I should think you would be an excellent candidate. I would say your chances are pretty good! Best to you!!</p>

<p>From your mouth to God, as we say...
Can't wait to find out...