chance me

<p>by the end of my junior year.. i'll have..</p>

RANK:In top 10
SAT2:don't know yet
PSAT:national merit scholor finanlist</p>

<p>AP classes:
env.sci,phychology,calc AB, calc BC, World History, Art History,
Biology, Physics B, latin, Music theory</p>


Wind-ensemble band (played clarinet) district, regional, area levels</p>

<p>Science Fair</p>


<p>Wind-ensemble band(palyed clarinet) district, regional levels</p>

<p>Jazz band- played piano</p>

<p>Deca- sophomore representative
-International business plan-district
International business plan-State
International businiess plan-International Alternate
-Race for the cure</p>

<p>Interact- Secretary</p>

<p>Key Club- Editor
-awarded as a best member</p>

<p>Latin-NJCL competition-district
NJCL competiton-area
NJCL competition-State</p>

<p>Science Fair-placed 2nd w/partner @ school</p>

<p>diversity club- represented South Korea @ school</p>

<p>NHS- nominated as a NHS member</p>

Deca-Secretary @ school
-district vice president
Internation business plan-district,state,international(placed 1st)</p>

<p>Interact- Vice president</p>

<p>Key club- Editor (2nd year)</p>

<p>Latin-NJCL competition
Vocabulary-distrct,area,state,national(placed 1st)
Greek Mythology-district,area,state,national(placed 1st)
Decatholon-district,area,state,national(placed 1st)
Greek Art-district,area,state,national(placed 1st)</p>

<p>Science Fair-1st @ school,regional,state
Intel-final stage</p>

<p>diversity club-represented South Korea @ school</p>

<p>NHS-junior representative</p>

<p>outside of school...</p>

<p>Adventures in medicines- 10~12th
(medicine program @ local hospital)
Volunteered @ E.R. (hosptial)
+300 hrs (11th-12th)
Korean school-9th~12th
VBS(summer) volunteered as a teacher's ass. 9th~12th

tutoring (10th,summer)</p>

<p>im confused about your 5.4 gpa is that even possible? maybe u have different system than us.
with great ec's, u have nice chance. i'm actually very similar as im korean too and i do njcl and i got overall academic 1st at state this year for ca,(freshman). so keep it up, ur doing great. I bet u'll get into an ivy, and w/ all ur science prbbly CT or MIT too. good job at rep'ing s. korea!</p>

<p>Short answer, you're in.</p>

<p>True for both the engineering school and the college.</p>

<p>I assume you want pre-med, meaning you're applying to the college. You'll still get in, I assume.</p>

<p>An MIT or Stanford is not a lock though - I know someone with an almost identical resume who didn't get those. You have very good odds though.</p>