Chance Me?

<p>Hey everyone. These are my stats. Chance me for Harvard, Rice, UPenn, Brandeis, Butler, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Columbia:</p>

<p>Grades (UW):
9th - Precalc Honors - 100%, English Honors 94%, Spanish 3 Honors 99%, AP Stat 99%, AP Psychology 94%, AP US History 95%, Biology Honors 95%, Human Health 93%.
10th - AP Calculus BC - 95%, English Honors 94%, Spanish 4 Honors 99%, AP Human Geography 99%, AP Biology 98%, Chemistry Honors 96%, AP Euro 93%.
11th - Multivariable Calculus ~94%, AP Chemistry ~95%, AP Art History ~97%, AP Spanish Language ~96%, AP Environmental Science ~100%, AP English Language ~95%, AP US Gov ~93%, Physics Honors ~95%
12th - (will take) Linear Algebra, AP English Literature, AP Spanish Literature, AP Microecon, AP Comp Gov, AP Physics C, AP Computer Science, and Number Theory.</p>

<p>AP Scores: 13 School, 4 Self-Study<em>: Stat (5), Psych (5), USH (4), BC (5), HG (5), Bio (5), Euro (5), Chem (5), Art Hist (4), Spanish Language (5), EnvSci (5), English Language (4), US Gov (4), Micro</em> (5), Macro* (5), Physics B* (5), World* (5).</p>

<p>Total of 13 5's and 4 4's.
I rank 1/1020.</p>

<p>SAT I: 2380 (800 Math, 800 CR, 780 Writing, 9 Essay)
SAT II: Math II 800, Physics 800, Literature 740
ACT: 32 Composite
Awards: NMF*, Cum Laude, NHS, State Sports Awards, Biology Olympiad Gold Medal, Many Music Awards, book awards, etc.
*Assuming a 234 is good enough -.-
ECs: Varsity Crew (received offers from Brown crew coach, not interested), President of Key Club, Flute in State Orchestra.</p>

<p>Recommendations: 1) Math Teacher 2) Spanish Teacher 3) Man who I helped build a school for in South Africa over the summer.</p>

Ethnicity: Black
Legacy: Legacy to Rice, Brown, and Harvard.</p>

<p>chance away children.</p>

<p>If this is legitimate, I'd say go nuts, apply everywhere. I would be surprised if you get denied by anyone.</p>

1) Wrong forum
2) National Merit Semi-finalists haven't even come out yet and you didn't list your AB subscore from your BC exam, so I'm gonna call troll on this</p>

<p>Do you want my AB subscore? It's not like I'd get anything less than a 5.</p>

<p>wrong forum</p>

<p>80+ percent chance for legacy schools</p>

<p>You are an athlete, URM, legacy, have amazing SAT and Gpa</p>

<p>yeah...I'm hoping you're joking about questioning your admissions.</p>

<p>I haven't really heard any good news from HYP for crew, so I don't think I'll pursue D1 in college. I just feel like without crew I'm just a normal kid with good grades.</p>

<p>3) Man who I helped build a school for in South Africa over the summer.

<p>WOw. Apply everywhere!</p>

<p>Am I the only one that knows this is a troll?</p>

3) Man who I helped build a school for in South Africa over the summer.


<p>I guess I should explain this a little better... So my uncle lives in South Africa (where my father comes from) and he's part of this local church group that raises money to build makeshift schools in some of the 'less fortunate' areas. I helped him and the leader of the group appreciated my efforts and I asked him to write a recommendation for me. It's really nothing special other than him thanking me and saying what I did and what impact I made. It serves to explain how I spent part of my summer there instead of having me write an entire essay about it.</p>