Chance Me?

<p>Okay, so I'm just a freshman but I want to see what kind of responses I can get. Please please please be honest, it's fine if my stats suck cause I want to see how I can improve. Here goes:</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian
My high school is pretty high ranked.
We don't have ranks, but I'd say I'm well within the top 10% of my class, 5% at best.</p>

-I took it once in 6/7th grade,
560 Critical Reading
520 Math
610 Writing (8 on the Essay)</p>

<p>-I also took the SAT II Biology Subject Test last weekend, and I'm guessing my score was around 640ish (keep in mind I haven't finished my first year of high school biology yet).</p>

Honors English I
Honors Algebra II
Honors US History I
Honors Biology I
Chinese III
Honors Chinese IV
String Orchestra
PE/Health </p>

<p>My GPA is a bit above 3.8 unweighted, a little over 4.0 weighted (We have a wierd system)</p>

-I taught at the second largest school for learning English in a big city in China for a summer, for volunteer hours
-I won a pretty big statewide culture contest with 2 others
-I volunteered and got 46 hours at a pretty big Chinese school
-I played some basketball in an outside organization
-I'm currently in:
-Chinglish Club (treasurer position)
-Student Tech
-Archives Advisory Board
-I'm planning to volunteer at a big hospital near where I live next year
-I've gone to CTY once
-Violin groups outside of school</p>

-I was born in China, went to Canada, then moved here
-I think I might have some pretty good recommendations and my essay should be pretty good</p>

<p>And that's basically all I can remember.
Please add suggestions for what I should do in my next couple of years, and chance me if it's even possible for some Ivy League schools</p>