Chance Me...

<p>Chance me please. </p>

UW GPA: 3.64
W GPA: 4.62
Rank: 40/389
SAT: 2100
Haven't taken SAT Subject Tests yet
State: Colorado
I attend of the most prestigious IB high schools in the country</p>

<p>Classload -</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
- PIB American Government
- PIB General Economics
- PIB Biology
- PIB Spanish 1
- PIB English
- PIB Integrated Math 1
- Honors Competitive Speech</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
- PIB U.S. History
- PIB Chemistry
- PIB Spanish 2
- PIB English
- PIB Integrated Math 2
- College Course Geography
- Honors Competitive Speech</p>

<p>Junior Year:
- HL (Higher Level) IB Biology*
- HL IB English*
- HL IB Psychology*
- SL (Standard Level) IB Economics
- SL IB Spanish 3*
- SL Math Methods*
- IB Theory of Knowledge*
- Honors Competitive Speech </p>

<p>Anticipated Senior Year:
- HL IB Biology*
- HL IB English*
- HL IB Psychology*
- SL IB Spanish 4*
- SL Math Methods*
- IB Theory of Knowledge*
- Honors Competitive Speech </p>

<li>Two-year IB course</li>

<p>EC -
1. Captain - Debate team, Policy Debate (Top 5% in country) (9-12)
2. Varsity Football - Captain & Quarterback (9-12)
3. Varsity Baseball - Captain (9-12)
4. Student Board of Education - President (Essentially a board of education for our district composed of two students from each high school in the district)
5. Newspaper Photographer - Head photographer (Newspaper has won 4 Pacemaker awards in a row)
6. National Honors Society
7. Core Team - President (11-12) </p>

<p>Awards -
1. State semi-finalist - Policy debate (2009-10)
2. National History Day - National Finalists (2009)
3. Multiple statewide debate tournaments - 1st place (2009-10)</p>

<p>Work Experience -
1. Staff Photographer - Eathan's Photography (Professional sports photography company)
2. Creator of Impact Photography, freelance photography (Sports, nature, weddings, senior pictures)
3. Umpire for Little League Baseball
4. Internship- District Curriculum Developer - Student Board of Education (Co-curriculum writer for a brand new leadership class in all the district's high schools)</p>

<p>Volunteer Work -
1. Volunteer for Obama's campaign (2008)
2. Volunteer for Hickenlooper's governor campaign (2010)</p>

<p>Essays -
Haven't really written them yet... I know that the essay(s) is one of the single most important things so I'll devote enough time to them to hopefully make them excellent.</p>

<p>My biggest passions are the Student Board of Education and their work along with the curriculum I developed and photography. I plan on submitting photography as an arts supplement to the schools that I'm apply to that offer it. </p>

<p>Schools (not including my targets/safeties):
1. Stanford
2. Harvard
3. Georgetown
4. USC
5. Berkeley
6. Pepperdine
7. Penn
8. Princeton
9. Chicago </p>