Chance Me :)

<p>Hi guys! I am currently a rising junior and have been on the site for a little while now. I plan to go to college in the midwest for pre-med. Could you chance me for any college you would think would be appropiate? Maybe some of the following:</p>

-Illinois State
-Loyola Chicago</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8-3.9/4.0</p>

<p>ACT: Yet to be taken; will take spring of junior year; hoping for a 27+
(Should I take the SAT?)</p>

<p>Have taken all honors/accelerated courses. Will have four years of Spanish by end of senior year. I will have taken 5-6 AP/College Credit courses by the time I graduate. (I go to a small school)</p>

-Varsity Soccer (Fr., Soph., Jr.)
-Outdoor Club (Fr., Soph., Jr.) (Focus is on camping/canoeing/and surviving in the wilderness; have gone to Canada for a week with this club, and will be again this summer)
-Farm Experience/Medical (My family owns alpacas, and routine care/medical care is given daily)
-Academic/WYSE Teams</p>

<p>I know its not much, but I plan to maintain my GPA and score high on the ACT(SAT?)</p>


<p>hmmm i'm not really familiar with those schools, but based on your gpa and courses (which are great), i'd say you'd have a really good chance at all of them. the only one i'd say is northwestern - if possible, it would be great for you to increase your leadership and involvement in your extracurriculars during junior year.</p>