chance me?

<p>Current junior (incoming senior) at a competitive public school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.75
Class rank: top 10%
PSAT: 170
SAT: 2020
ACT: 33</p>

Math II-750

Stats: 5
Bio: 5
APUSH: 3</p>

spanish club and math club since freshman year
founded and lead an original science club since sophomore year
NHS since junior year
Science olympiad since sophomore year
consistent volunteering at local nursing home center (twice a mo.)
clocked 200 volunteer hours</p>

<p>anything i should improve on idealistically?

<p>Probably only 1 in 10 chance.</p>

<p>^^ I would say higher than that actually (to put a positive spin on it). What state are you from and are you applying ED?</p>

<p>It is higher. He later clarified on other threads that he had a much more challenging schedule than his post made it appear. Maybe 25% chance, JHU is still pretty tough to get into.</p>