chance me?

<p>Current junior (incoming senior) at a competitive public school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.75
Class rank: top 10%
PSAT: 170
SAT: 2020
ACT: 33</p>

Math II-750

Stats: 5
Bio: 5
APUSH: 3</p>

spanish club and math club since freshman year
founded and lead an original science club since sophomore year
NHS since junior year
Science olympiad since sophomore year
consistent volunteering at local nursing home center (twice a mo.)
clocked 200 volunteer hours</p>

<p>anything i should improve on idealistically?

<p>You can see post on WUSTL thread for specifics, but I think here your chances are 50-50, maybe a bit better, depending on the challenging nature of your course schedule this coming year.</p>

<p>are you in-state?</p>

<p>if so, then i'd say you're in</p>

<p>if not, you still have a really good shot of gettin in</p>

<p>apply ER to michigan, that will greatly improve your chances. get your app in as soon as possible. but i wouldn't really worry too much if i were you. good luck</p>

<p>Your course rigor is very hopefully your GPA includes honors and AP classes. The most important advice is apply early...Sept/Oct. Also make sure you visit and can speak from personal experience in your essays as to why you want to attend!!</p>