Chance Me

<p>I'm planning to apply for Early Action(Response) as an international(China), and I'm going to retake SAT in Oct.</p>

<p>88/100 (no GPA system in my country)
SAT1 1230/1600, 1790/2400 (good math but awful CR&W...)
SAT2 Physics 800, Math2 770, Chem 710</p>

1) the producer and vice director of a 40-min HD movie, sold more than 1000 copies of DVD(the team gained a profit of $600), won an international award.
2) the president and one of the charter members of The Association of Student's Club at my HS, the association used to be a small department fully controlled by The Student Union(by school actually), but now it becomes the biggest student association with more than 1000 members and also the ONLY one that is not commanded by school's authority(very rare among schools in China).
3)other regular stuff such as community volunteer, vocal performance, etc.</p>

<p>BTW, I spend my childhood in both China and Germany. I have no idea if this helps but I plan to talk about my unique experience in my essay. Is that a good idea?</p>

<p>Another question is, do I have a chance to get in with this ugly creepy SAT CR if I apply REALLY REALLY early(lets say Sep.)?</p>

<p>Actually, Ann Arbor reminds me of my unique childhood because I used to live in two different college towns for over 6 years.</p>

<p>I love this school so much! But my SAT is so weak right now.</p>

<p>Amazing SATII scores, but SATI scores are a little low for U of M (but you already knew that). Have you tried the ACT? I personally found it easier. Maybe consider taking it it September. As for your EC's, you have pretty interesting ones, with good leadership. Make sure you have a lot of volunteering hours, retake the SAT (study for it this summer)/attempt the ACT, and if you're instate, this school could be a solid match!!</p>

<p>And as for you people reading the thread and not responding, take a few seconds to help out bionic and offer your input! ;-) Maybe people with experience applying here...? I know you can help him more than I can!</p>

<p>SAT II scores do not count in their admissions decisions, sending them makes you look desparate. The only thing you need to do is raise that SAT score</p>

<p>@ Hermione822
Thanks for your reply!
Do you think it would be a big help if I apply in September or even in October as soon as the Common app comes out?</p>

<p>@ collegebound_guy:
But do you think it would be a big help if I apply for the College of Engineering with these SAT2 scores?</p>

<p>I just said..SAT II scores are nothing but scrap paper in the admissions officer's eyes. Don't send them..send them to a college where they explicitly ask for it.</p>

<p>No problem bionic! Yes, you should definitely apply early--it shows you're interested in their school. Make sure passion shines through your app.</p>

<p>And I have to disagree about sending the SATII scores. I don't think sending them will harm you...aren't they supposed to give admission officers an idea of what your strengths are?</p>

<p>@ Hermione822
So what should I do? Wait for a better standard test score or send my application in October?</p>

<p>@ collegebound_guy
I should have taken SAT1 instead of 2 in January...</p>

<p>Your overall SAT score is low. Generally the average SAT score at Umich is around 2000/2400. You may want to try the ACT since you seem to do well in Math and Science. Also taking the SAT too many times is not a good idea. Try the ACT or do the SAT one more time. Also being 88/100 is not a very strong ranking, improve your test scores for sure and try to raise your ranking. Also UofM does not require SAT II scores so sending them wont make up for your ranking or scores.</p>

<p>@ bunbun24
88/100 is not my raking, it's the scores converted into percentage.
Thanks for your advice anyway.</p>

<p>@ bunbun24
88/100 is not my raking, it's the scores converted into percentage.
Thanks for your advice anyway.</p>

<p>Sorry bionic1992, my mistake.</p>

<p>@ bunbun24
It's no big deal, you are being very helpful.</p>

<p>I'm just wondering why people here seem to prefer ACT. Since i'm in mainland China, it is not easy to find a test center. I already have to fly to Hong Kong or Singapore to take the SAT, don't tell me I have to fly to the US for ACT. Is it worth to switch from SAT to ACT right now?</p>

<p>Many people generally prefer the ACT since it is a bit easier. For instance for SAT Critical Reading, more thinking is involved and answers usually cannot be found directly in the passage. ACT reading gerenally have easier passages and answers are directly in the passages. In addition, the ACT reading does not have the vocab section like SAT. Also the Writing section in ACT is generally easier to find the incorrect sections as opposed to Critical Writing in the SAT. In addition the essay in the ACT is not counted to your direct score. Furthermore, you seem to be pretty good at math and science which could really help boost your ACT score. The ACT is four parts, and your final score is the average of your writing section, math, reading, and science. In your case, ACT is probably better since you do well in 50% of the subjects tested on, as opposed to only Math (33.33%) on SAT. </p>

<p>It's really up to you, if you believe you can definitly bring up your SAT score then i say go with it since it's a big inconvience and cost for you to take the ACT. However, in the US the ACT nor the SAT is offered in the summer and you will have to wait till September to take either. I am not familiar as to when HK or Singapore offers the SAT, or if you have anywhere closer for you to take the ACT.</p>

That depends on when your new SAT scores will come out. If you're not scoring significantly higher on the practice tests, then I'd submit the app early, usually that gives you an advantage.</p>

<p>"I don't think sending them will harm you...aren't they supposed to give admission officers an idea of what your strengths are?"</p>

<p>how many times do people have to be beaten over the head about this? I asked an admissions officer face to face and she told me they completely disregard the SAT II. ZERO NADA NOTHING</p>

<p>when you look at your SAT II score while filling out your U of M app, consider it a piece of scrap paper because thats how they'll look at it over there. maybe that will help you from putting it in your apps.</p>