Chance Me!


<p>I will be starting my third semester at my local community college in Virginia. I am hopefully going to be transferring to King College in Bristol, TN (King</a> College: King) </p>

<p>What are my chances as a transfer student. Here is what I've taken:</p>

ENG 111 - College Composition I - Grade: A
HIS 122 - U.S. History II - Grade: B
ITE 115 - Intro to Computer Apps - Grade: B
MTH 09 - Pre-Algebra (Developmental/Doesn't count for GPA) - Grade: R
SDV 100 - College Success Skills - Grade: A
Term/Semester GPA: 3.4</p>

ART 121 - Drawing I - Grade: A
ART 180 - Intro to Computer Graphics - Grade: A
CST 100 - Principles of Public Speaking - Grade: B
HIS 121 - U.S. History I - Grade: C
MTH 03 - Algebra I (Developemental/Doesn't count for GPA) - Grade: R
Term/Semester GPA: 3.25 (Dean's List)
CUM GPA: 3.4</p>

ENG 190 - Coordinated Internship in English - Grade: P (Pass)</p>

<p>FALL 2010 SEMESTER (Beginning Aug. 23rd):
ART 101 - History/App of Art I
ENG 112 - College Composition II
PSY 200 - Principles of Psychology
REL 200 - Survey of Old Testament</p>

<p>Sorry for the post being so long.. Do you guys think it would be best for me to apply to more than one school? I have fell in love with King College and that's where I feel like I belong. </p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!</p>