Chance Me?

<p>Alright... so i want to apply to cornell's engineering school and here are my stats: (Specifically chemE)
GPA: 98.35 (Top 5% in my class)</p>

CR: 570 (Hoping to get a 640 + in Oct.)
M: 760
W: 590 (Hoping to get a 600+ in Oct.)</p>

<p>SAT II:
Chem - 750
Math II - 730
Bio M - 710</p>

Chem - 5
Psych - 4</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
1 AP Physics B
2 AP Physics B Lab / Health
3 AP Statistics
4 Choir
5 AP Macro Econ / AP Government
6 AP Calculus BC
7 College Spanish 5H
8 College Writing / Lit
9 AP Psych Research / Gym</p>

<p>All honors classes from 9-11th grade</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
JV Footbal 9th grade
Varsity Swimming 9th and 10th grade (Scholar athlete awards)
Track and Field 9-11th (Scholar athlete all seasons)
Cross Country 10-11th (Scholar Athlete all season)
Photo Club, Community Service Club, Acapella Group Co-Leader, Volunteer at the Fire Department, Robotics Club, Engineering Club, Model UN Club: delegate, Participant in dupont for research/toshiba for research, honorable mention for LI science congress fair, all county chorus from 2003-2010, NYSSMA participant from 2003-2010,</p>

<p>test scores not high enough.</p>

<p>i dont agree at all. your test scores are not too bad and you do lot of stuff
show interest and you will get in</p>