Chance me?

<p>Background: White male from upstate NY; went to no-frills, kind of crappy public school. Not Catholic - will that hurt me in ND admissions?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.74 UW (school doesn't weight)
Rank: 25 out of 138
SAT II: Math I & Lit, both 770
APs: Physics, possibly Bio. My school only offer 3 other APs and none of them (the two histories and philosophy) are really anything I'm interested in.
ECs: Football (4 years), Swimming (4 years), NHS, probably Commended Merit Scholar, summer music camp (4 years), chorus (2 years), Multicultural Club, summer maintenance job (2 years), some school academic awards, various community service projects.</p>

<p>So the rank will hurt me and the ECs won't stand out, but do you think my profile merits an application?</p>

<p>sure. </p>

<p>can ya write a decent essay ??</p>

<p>Your rank is the only thing that is holding you back a little (just wondering - is that based off of unweighted GPA? - if so then explain that to ND and you’ll be fine because then that doesn’t represent a “true” class rank)</p>

<p>@bitti: I think so, but I suppose everyone thinks they can write well. I’ll put alot of time into it, anyways.</p>

<p>@hawkswim: yeah, it’s based off of UW gpa.</p>

<p>Well then your rank is no problem at all b/c someone taking the easiest classes in the school and getting As mean that they would be above you (but they won’t have better college acceptances) – as long as ND realizes this you should be in good shape.</p>