Chance Me

<p>Why hello thar</p>

<p>I am going to be a senior in Northern California. Please rate my chances of getting until UCSD!</p>

<p>Major: Undecided</p>

<p>• SAT I:
o CR: 730
o M 770
o W: 640
o Total: 2140
Math 780
Biology 800
History 790</p>

<p>• Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.6
• UC Weigted GPA (10-12): 3.9</p>

<p>Course Load:</p>

<p>Freshman Year
• Geometry C+,B
• Coed PE (non-academic): A, A
• French 2: B+, B+
• Literature/Writing: A,A
• Drama: A,A
• Biology: A-, A-</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
• French 3: B, B+
• Honors Chemistry 2: B, B
• World History: A-, A-
• Algebra 2/trig: C, B
• World Lit: B+, A-</p>

<p>Junior Year
• AP Bio: A, A
• French 4 Honors: A-, A-
• Math Analysis: A-, A
• Honors English: A-, A
• AP US History: A, A
• Intro to Java: A, A</p>

<p>Senior Year (scheduled)
• AP Economics 1st semester
• AP Gov 2nd semester
• AP Computer science
• AP Lit
• Physiology
• AP Calc AB
AP Music theory</p>

<p>AP Scores
Bio= 5
AP US History=5
AP Gov/Econ= TBD
AP Calc AB= TBD</p>

<p>• Extracurriculars: Been on cross country for 4 years, captain for 3 years. On track team for 4 years, captain for 3. Volunteer at synagogue as an aide. Raised 5,000 dollars with a friend for cancer research
• Clubs: Health and Fitness Club president, Future Business Leaders of America, Wilderness Club Secretary, Star of David Club President
• Volunteer/Community services: About 100 hours of community service
• Awards and Honors: </p>

• State: Sunnyvale, CA
• School Type: Public
• Ethnicity: White
• Gender: Male
• Income Bracket: 90,000</p>

<p>I'd say you have a very good chance of getting in. Your GPA is a little below average, but your SAT scores make up for it.</p>