Chance me?

<p>I'm a rising senior, and would like any feedback on my chances for admission. Thanks!</p>

<p>SAT I: CR:670, M:740, W:690; 2100 (re-taking, and feel confident that I will score higher)
SAT II: Math II: 750, Chem: 720
ACT: Probably lower 30's.</p>

<p>Our school has a strange GPA system, so I couldn't figure out what my GPA is unweighted. (Reg: 5.0/Pre-AP: 6.0/AP: 6.25)
Weighted GPA: 5.33
Rank: 16/490</p>

- Eagle Rank, Boy Scouts of America
- Founder/Secretary-General, MUN
- Varsity tennis
- Spanish Club
- Math/Science Club
- Student Council
- Ambassador Program
- Honor Guard
- Bassist/pianist/guitarist for church
- Students Standing Strong
- Community service in various events/locations</p>

- National Honor Society
- Spanish Honor Society
- Mu Alpha Theta
- Community Scholar Ambassador
- Community Service Ambassador</p>

<p>Senior courses (as of now):
- AP Calculus AB
- AP Biology
- AP Government/Economics
- AP Art History
- AP Lit/Comp.
- Pre-AP Physics
- Tennis</p>

<p>State: Texas
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian (Korean)</p>