Chance me?

<p>Asian Male from Canada. Chance me?</p>

<p>Basic Academics
SAT I: 710 CR, 800 M, 770 WR (superscore of 2 sittings)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 760 Chem, 720 Bio
GPA: 97/100
Rank: School doesn’t rank, but most likely 1
AP: Only offered senior year, taking all I can (Calc, Physics, ~Economics), self-studying for Chem</p>

-Founder and President of Community Science Club at high school, run Science Days for elementary school children to advocate interests in science
-Student Trustee for my public school board, chairs Student Senate meetings, represents all students at the board table
-Treasurer of KEY Club
-member of Debate Club, Reach for the Top team, Yearbook,
-leader of high school’s Christian fellowship
-part of school’s Student Council
-competitive badminton player and coach, advanced to provincials 2 years
-active leader in church’s youth group
-11 years of piano
-bass player for church and school junior band
-Shad Valley</p>

<p>Volunteer/Work Experience
-badminton coach
-summer camp counsellor
-Sunday school teacher/crafts leader</p>

<p>The founder of the community science club will help your chances however your SAT score will not make you stand out at Yale. You will really need to knock it out of the park on your essays. As has been said over and over and over, Ivy acceptance is a crap-shoot. Hopefully, have several low reach schools on your list, that you'd be happy attending, to increase your odds of acceptance.</p>

<p>Answer this question: what is the sole reason you do all of those ECs, classes, etc.</p>